Wednesday, May 25, 2011

only wednesday

I'm pooped. We had 5 (or 6?) fittings today, ALL day. Our last fitting was Oberon's. I've said it before, but you might not remember that our Oberon is outrageously attractive. It's kind of strange to have someone that attractive, like movie star attractive around. It's also interesting how levelheaded everyone is about it. To us he's just another fitting, albeit a very pleasant fitting. I won't deny he put his arm around me when he was playing with his feather cape, or that I can't help but see his resemblance to Bradley Cooper when he smiles all charmingly at me in the mirror. Oh actors!

Lando and Mel got in today! Hooray! Because they're here, and both going back up this weekend I'm for sure going to Provo this weekend. Ashley thinks I'm copping out because I've only been here for 2 weeks, but that's a third of my time and the ward here is super bleak, and there are lots of people in P-town that would love to have me, so there. Truth be told I miss Provo rather desperately. Here I just try to find something on TV until ten so I don't feel like a loser going to bed before then. In Provo I'd have a four square game until midnight or some such thing to occupy my time.

My hair is getting rather long. It needs a trim to shock it into growing faster so I can cut it sooner. I won't pretend I don't like how feminine and pretty it is when it bothers to be, but I get terrible head aches by the end of everyday when I wear it up and wearing it down is not an option. I'm giving it until October when I will assess the donation situation.

Between Oberon's six pack and talking to a friend about getting in shape for the summer I think I'll try my hand at washboard abs, although this could just be another one of my 2 week projects, because who would really see them anyway?

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