Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I should probably update you all on my life. I don't want to go into too much detail, b/c it has been 2 months, so I'll just list it.

1. Blood Wedding struck last Saturday. It all went very well, we had great, sold out audiences and my costumes looked AMAZING.

2. I am doing Peter Pan next year, in the De Jong, co-designing with Janet, directed by Rodger. Basically all of my favorite things. All of you with children should plan on coming.

3. I fly to London on April 27th. I am very excited, but it hasn't really sunk in yet.

4. I'll stay in Europe until June 24th, two weeks after my program is done, to do some research in France, Switzerland, and Germany.

5. I've applied to be on the College of Fine Arts and Comm's stuco but they have yet to get back to me about interviews. The man that was supposed to be the council adviser was called to another post so things in that dept. have been in limbo.

6. I'm making three bridesmaids dresses for one wedding and a wedding dress for another, all before I go to London! Needless to say this keeps me rather busy.

7. I'm doing a photo shoot for my friend Haleh tomorrow. I will be an eighteenth century boy.

8. I'm getting ridiculously stoked for grad school in Boston. I'll start the application process probably over the summer just to get a head start on letters of intent and all. Cross your fingers!

9. I've decided that someday, maybe rather soon I'll run the Boston Marathon.

10. I've also decided to go running in Hyde Park everyday whilst in Londonium.

11. The weather is getting Spring-y which is rather nice.

12. I broke my friend over the weekend, I'm having fun playing nurse, but have decided to not be admitted to hospitals unless I'm having a baby or am very very old.