Sunday, March 29, 2009

Krishna Krishna Hari Krishna

I'm too tired to write much, but basically here are photos from after Genevieve and I got back from the Festival of Colors at the Hindu Temple in Spanish Fork. They burn a witch and throw bagsof color. We got there late so only saw the puff above the Temple once it had already started, but people were happy to get us colorful when we showed up and it was all over. This is a huge deal around here. Traffic was a nightmare (mucho accidents) and it was pretty much chaos everywhere, like thousands of people. Fun times though, next year we'll have to go earlier for the real ritual stuff.

Shelby out.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Be an Agnes, not a Dora

Today was another good day. I'm having a pretty ballin' semester. We only had sacrament meeting and the organist actually followed me and all was fun and wonderful. The talks were great and so forth. After sacrament we treked to the Draper Temple Dedication that was broadcast to the Marriott Center. It was pretty great participating with 15,000 people. The Spirit of God at the end made me cry after the Hosanna Shout because that arrangement w/ the Temple Choir always gets me. Also, the Hosanna Shout with 15,000 people is pretty amazing. I love these little tid bits of BYU. I love anything Marriott related because that means students in mass looking their best and being spiritual. You don't get that anywhere else.

Because of Lasering and Macbeth I went on 2 dates this week!!! And last night I struck Berenice and hung out with some Macbeth kids and it was great. Now I have to finish Whit's headpiece before I go to bed. Also yesterday I only did my fun homework i.e. ripping out and organizing fashion magazines for pattern making, and reading, listening and researching for The Scarlet Pimpernel, the musical I'm doing for my costuming final. I love my major.

Yet again, another good weekend.

PS I call Grant at Whit's wedding!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Humor U

So last night Genevieve and I went to the Humor U stand up comedy show. It was so funny and great, but entirely too monopolized by boy-type comedians. Genevieve and I want to try out next year, wouldn't that be fun? So if you remember any funny jokes I've told, or silly stories about me, let me know, haha. Wouldn't it be great if we actually made it? I'm predicting Nebraska, Costuming and Ella jokes :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feathers and Laser Assault

So yesterday was fun...

After classes I drove to one of my costume prof's house to get some tips on how to make Whitney's headpiece for her wedding. It was fun, and kind of weird, but that's college right? I call the assoc. dean of the fine arts college by his first name, so why not go to a teacher's house. Keep in mind that she's probably under 30 though, so not SO weird. ANYWAY...

I spent most of the rest of the night building Whitney's headpiece and getting feathers everywhere. It was exciting. I think it's turning out well. Today I will talk to Priscilla (my prof) about adding the gemmy dangles. I should have it done by Saturday and I'll ship it out to NE on Monday and it'll all be grande (that's right, with an E).

But, that wasn't the best part! I'm going to MacBeth tonight w/ some girlfriends and some dates, but my first choice fell through, so I thought it'd be fun to go w/ Alex from NE who's at the U, but he's got too much on his plate to come down. So I went to great lengths (not really) to get the number of a nice guy in our ward to ask him, but he couldn't go, but sounded sincerely sorry about it (unlike the original date choice PS I'm TOTALLY done w/ him). So, he's friends w/ a friend of Genevieve's who she got his number from, yada yada the four of us went and played LASER TAG last night! It was SO much fun! I'd never played before but I got FIRST! I shot Genevieve 56 times or something, and she only got me 27. It was lots of fun. After that we had a funtime mini-dance party in the parking lot, then split, I did my homework, ate some Reese's Puffs and went to bed.

Plus the weather is perfect.

Good day.
and don't worry, I got a date to MacBeth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Kristin Burke, a Hollywood costume designer, is coming and giving a forum tomorrow. Then on Friday she's just going to meet with the costume students. We were originally going to all do research boards and she was going to give us feedback, but we won't have time to do everyone, so basically the top five costume students, based on portfolio and seniority, get to do a pitch for a job interview. I was picked! Isn't that fun?! It's a contemporary 20 page script that we're working off of, and I have MacBeth tomorrow night, so I don't know when to do this, but I'll get it done. Since it's for a movie she says not to kill ourselves over it because a lot of times you don't have mush notice before a job interview anyway. Another challenge is that movies do more concept binders instead of boards, so that'll be fun. This'll be good because I'm starting to look into grad schools and I have to decided between film and theatre costuming. I like the UofI which is theatre, and the best film schools are in CA, which I'm not a big fan of, but we'll see.

I got fabric for skirts for Cakes, Ash and me. If they don't like the fabrics I'll just keep them and good riddens to them!

This Friday I'm going to try to get up to Draper before the Temple open house closes, then I'm going to go to Sister Shelley's for dinner! On Saturday I'm going to hit up the P-town temple then hike the Y with Genevieve, Heather, and Amy. I'm excited.

Hey mom, do you want to, or get dad to find my baby picture where I'm in my chair on the counter and I'm grinning really big when I'm a couple months old and gangling with my arms out? I think I'm in a like teal PJs or somthing, and scan it and send it to me? I like that picture a lot and want it for my facebook profile :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So Genevieve, our friend Heather and I spent the day in Salt Lake. Gen's Pakastani Uncle Saj lives in Salt Lake and offered to cook yummy food for us a while ago, but that was when Nadin was the only one with a car, and Nadin doesn't like to go to SLC. BUT, now I have Vay-noos and can drive to Salt Lake whenever I want! He lives on 200E So. Temple, which was easy to find, but Genevieve directed me towards the wrong ramp and we ended up in the tennant's ramp that is closed w/o a key or something so we got to make a 12 point turn to get out, it was fun. Anway, so we went to Saj's for a YUMMY lunch of curry and yummy chick pea stuff, and samosas, these yummy beef patty things that looked like mushroom tops. We had birthday cake (because Gen's b-day was on Thursday) for dessert.

After lunch we hung around at Saj's digesting for a while, then we parked close the the capitol and walked down to Temple Square. Before we got there though we waltzed around this really cool historical mansion. We'd parked the same place for Gen Conf. in October, so I'd seen the place before, but this time we went up and looked around. Tours are by appointment only, but the outside was pretty cool anway so we had fun looking around. All I know is that the guy who owned it built it in 1901 and his name was Albert Something with an M.

Temple Sqaure was great because it was a nice day, and it wasn't Conference season like the last time I was around, and we weren't killing time between sessions so we got to wander around wherever we wanted. We went to the reflecting pool, the North Visitor's Center, the Tabernacle and got a tour of the roof of the Conference Center.

Parked next to the Conference Center was the "Truth Truck" that was anti gay marriage and abortions. It had a very disturbing picture of a male couple kissing on it. Albeit it was crossed out, but really? is that necessary? After downtown we went to Sugar House to get Genevieve some Chipotle. I felt so adventurous and fun navigating Salt Lake! As much as State Street going south depressed me, I got excited because I saw the giant bowling pin from ground level! We usually only saw it as kids from the freeway, isn't that fun?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do what is right because it is right

It's been beautiful here of late. In the sixties/seventies. I wore a dress today, and it was windy!!! Very windy. Utah's got this thing where it'll just blow and blow and blow until the mountains are hazy with dust and the dust gets everywhere and you can smell it on your clothes and in your hair. Today was one of those days. I've heard this might also be "smog" but they never tell us if it is or not until it's blown over. Also, it came from the south today so I wouldn't think that it's smog. I think Ashley's been sending me smoke signals.

I saw Letter From Iwo Jima at International Cinema tonight, jealous? It was v. good a la Grave of the Fireflies (in that it makes you feel like a scumbag for killing Japanese people). Since Clint Eastwood won for Best Directing for it I payed special attention; his favorite: vere off the subject at the end of the scene with a fade out at the end, and generally just drifting to any direction to end a scene, very interesting. Overall it was very thought provoking and full of some v. handsome Japanese men, one of whom was the guy from Memoirs of a Geisha, which I want to watch right now, but I have to study for Marriage Prep, which is a v. useless class. The reading packet I bought is nice, but it's all kind of "duh" stuff. I guess I'm just a born marriage expert.

Is that short enough Whit? cause my life is too interesting to simplify any more!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

I felt really fun yesterday because I bought 3 lbs of ground beef for $3. It was amazing! I cooked it all up in a big pot and froze it in zip-locks, just like mom. Seeing them in my freezer makes me happy. That's about it for my weekend.

NOT, haha, gotcha didn't I?! Oh, that was funny. Anyway, that was mos def a highlight of my weekend though. On Friday I went over to Tim's to watch the second half of the Doctor Who episode we watched last week. It was fun. Roger and Brittany (Tim's cousin/pres of DW club and Rog's wife/first lady of DW club) watched with us and after we YouTubed it up and watched some disturbing videos made for kids that Roger and Britt found on a blog. So funny!

After Tim's and some sitting around in the apartment w/ Josh and Genevieve's visiting teachers we watched the second half of Titanic until 2am. I don't care who you are, if Titanic's on that's what you're watching. Genevieve got emotional, and I would have, but I took a nap during most of the sinking so it wasn't all that tearjerking once it got to it. All I cared about was seeing the ballin' corset scene, which I did.

On Saturday I went to Spring Sing practice, ate some pizza, got some cardboard boxes with Heather, went fabric/DI shoping with Genevieve (close out sale at Home Fabrics!), helped the aforementioned Brittany with her iOscars video, went to Stake Conference (totally crushed on the 6'4" something first speaker who served his mish in Zimbabwe), went grocery shopping, almost went to the dollar theatres w/ ward peoples but ended up watching The Manchurian Candidate. Can I just say that that movie is one of the ballin'est of all time? Oh man, I love it. Raymond Shaw is my sexy sexy brainwashed hero and Angela Landsbury is my Benjamin Button girl crush. I just love that movie! After the roommies watched Lars in Real Life (or Lars and the Real Girl if you prefer), which I'm sure I would have felt something for if I hadn't taken a nap during the part where you grow attached to the life sized doll Lars is dating.

Today was great! I crock-potted some orange chicken (it was only so-so) and went to Stake Conference in the De Jong. The stake choir was amazing and the talks were great and overall it was just one of those times you feel the spirit a lot and kind of just leak. We rocked out to MoTab on the way home in Veh-noos. We ate said orange chicken on the playground we have out back because today was BEAUTIFUL!! Like 70' beautiful! So gorgeous! After the CES fireside w/ Hales Gen, Bec and I walked to the Temple and back. It was nice. After that I finished my mixed media project for costuming tomorrow and now I have to do my New Testemant reading and get some patterning studying in for the midterm tomorrow.

Genevieve and I are living in the Elms next Fall/Winter. I'm living there for spring as well. I'm excited to get south of campus and in a more social area of Provo, and to meet new people! I'll be a Junior next year! Can you believe it! Just watch me grow up right in front of your eyes because I'll do it, I swear I will, and it'll freak you out, and it'll freak me out because two seconds ago I was in high school and three seconds ago I was in diapers.