Wednesday, May 25, 2011

only wednesday

I'm pooped. We had 5 (or 6?) fittings today, ALL day. Our last fitting was Oberon's. I've said it before, but you might not remember that our Oberon is outrageously attractive. It's kind of strange to have someone that attractive, like movie star attractive around. It's also interesting how levelheaded everyone is about it. To us he's just another fitting, albeit a very pleasant fitting. I won't deny he put his arm around me when he was playing with his feather cape, or that I can't help but see his resemblance to Bradley Cooper when he smiles all charmingly at me in the mirror. Oh actors!

Lando and Mel got in today! Hooray! Because they're here, and both going back up this weekend I'm for sure going to Provo this weekend. Ashley thinks I'm copping out because I've only been here for 2 weeks, but that's a third of my time and the ward here is super bleak, and there are lots of people in P-town that would love to have me, so there. Truth be told I miss Provo rather desperately. Here I just try to find something on TV until ten so I don't feel like a loser going to bed before then. In Provo I'd have a four square game until midnight or some such thing to occupy my time.

My hair is getting rather long. It needs a trim to shock it into growing faster so I can cut it sooner. I won't pretend I don't like how feminine and pretty it is when it bothers to be, but I get terrible head aches by the end of everyday when I wear it up and wearing it down is not an option. I'm giving it until October when I will assess the donation situation.

Between Oberon's six pack and talking to a friend about getting in shape for the summer I think I'll try my hand at washboard abs, although this could just be another one of my 2 week projects, because who would really see them anyway?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch Break!

I gotta get back to prep for a fitting, but here's a list.

-I got hit in the face with a soccer ball last night. Check my facebook status for more details. I'll just say that I haven't had that completely numbing sensation in years, and now my nose isn't numb anymore, ouch. Luckily or unluckily I haven't gotten black eyes from it.

-Mel and Lando come to work tomorrow! And go back up to Provo this weekend. Maybe (wink) I will bum a ride.

-If you are my friend and live in Provo you'd better not go out of town for the holiday this weekend.

-USF does not give Memorial Day off.

-I'm excited to do my laundry tonight.

-My nose REALLY kind of hurts...

-Janet got back today! Yippee skippy!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bein' outdoorsy!

I was outdoorsy this weekend. Almost all the costume shop gals went to Zion National Park on Saturday and hiked all day. It was fun! I'm outdoorsy if others are outdoorsy. That being told to a guy at ward prayer tonight he suggested that I go on the 7 day Grand Canyon excursion in July...yeah, that might be too much, plus I've got stuff to do when I get off work. So here's a new list.

-Being already acclimated to the altitude here made me feel like a hiking maniac because I never got winded and all our hikes were a piece of cake. While all the other girls were completely killed I felt like a million bucks.
-Non Mormons pronounce Zion "Zi-ON" not "Zi-IN"
-Kristen from the shop is from Minnesota, it's hard not to talk like her when I'm around her.
-Europeans LOVE national parks.
-I met more people at a random ward prayer I went to tonight. It's after a weekly fireside so everyone else is dressed all nice. I'm used to ward prayer in a parking garage in anything from Sunday best to pajamas.
-I've planted the foursquare bug in the minds of a couple of ward kids.
-I've been moisturizing with Udder Cream that Janet gave me. Even though I'm in the driest climate ever I've never been softer!
-Logan comes home in like two months! Isn't that exciting?
-If I can afford to go home I get to meet my new nieces!
-Another week of work starts tomorrow! I love being in charge, but I'm glad that Janet's coming back on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love list entries

-I really want to try the new McDonald's frozen strawberry lemonade.
-It snowed fatty flakes all during work yesterday but was melted by quittin' time.
-It rained fatty rain drops all day today.
-My fittings went really well, my first hand even said so.
-My draper let me build two Spandex body suits.
-Imagine an older, darker, broader Bradley Cooper and you've got Oberon from our Midsummer Night's Dream, kinda dreamy.
-I learned how to take measurements for custom boots today.
-I watch a lot of TV.
-Apparently Ogden's police dept has written a rap, what?
-There might be a YSA dance in town tomorrow night. I'ma go like an hour and a half late to skip the swing dancing lessons, then I'ma gonna pray the playlist is good so I can dance like a maniac and not have to try and talk to the Cedar kids.
-I want to play some foursquare real bad.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pulling teeth

Oh boy, getting these Cedar City kids to talk is like pulling teeth. Maybe I just picked the hush ones, but come on! Here's how a convo goes in Provo.

-HI! I'm Shelby!
HI! I'm Bob!
-Sweet! Where you from?
Texas! and you?
That's cool!
-Where do you go to school?
BYU! and you?
-BYU also!
What are you majoring in?
-Computer sciences, and you?
Costume design!
-That's cool!
Yes it is!
-talk talk talk

Here's how all of my conversations went last night...

-HI! I'm Shelby
-What's your name?
-Are you from Cedar City?
-Do you go to SUU?
-What are you majoring in?
Elementary Ed

Yep, that's about it. Like. pulling. teeth.

On a better note, everyone at work is super nice and talkative and fun. Work is picking up. Janet's going to be gone for a week for family business so Kate and I are in charge of the first fittings. I'm SUPER in charge of the rustics, like they are mine. Awesome.

I bought a new camera, so maybe you'll get some pictures soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cedar to the City

I love Cedar City, well I love the Shakespeare Festival. Cedar City so far is pretty and small and EVERYONE drives the speed limit and comes to complete stops b/c the police are absolute Nazis. This is strange and tedious, but I guess there are worse things than following traffic laws.

The costume shop is fantastic. Janet and I have been organizing and pulling stock with the draper and first hand. All the costume shop people are great. On Thursday we went to "Cowboy Lunch" aka a diner that has livestock auctions on Thursdays that draw in the cowboy crowds. Needless to say I'm rather excited for next Thursday :). I went to Midsummer's cast meeting on Saturday and stayed for the read through. I'm very very excited for this season! Tomorrow are the designers' design presentation in the shop so all the crews can see what everyone is up to. We've had company meetings and safety meetings and BBQs and I just love the atmosphere here! Everyone's artistic and theatrical and working towards making amazing theatre. Dream come true!

Mckell is down from BYU as well on the lighting crew. We live in the same apartment complex and went to church together. They combine three singles' wards into one during the summer and it's a pretty good size. Mckell and I made a couple friends but plan to make more tomorrow at FHE. I don't know if it's needless to say or not, but the contrast between the open minded people at work and the...adorable kids at church is almost comical.

Costume shop days are 8:30-6 and I'm working doing anything and everything Janet needs me to as well as stitching. I'm excited to be the assistant because while I can stitch, and am fairly good at it, I like to have an excuse to do other things and meet the actors and other crew members. So here we go!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peace out!

A'ight, I'm going. The ward and I played four square until midnight last night. For those of you that stayed until the bitter end, I salute you. I'm really going to miss that gang. Janet and I will leave around 9ish this morning. I've been fortified with a wonderful breakfast by Papa O, Martha's dad. We'll get into Cedar around noon and hit the ground running! We need to unload and pull this afternoon, then meetings tomorrow and Friday. My friend McKell will be coming down tomorrow I think, and Melanie and Lando in two weeks or so. I definitely won't be alone! But I will miss you Provo kids. Don't worry, I'll be back in six weeks. Shh shh shh babies, don't cry.

Anydoctorwho...That's about it. I have no idea what the internet situation is in my housing so this might be it for a while, but feel free to comment, facebook, email or text me! Pictures have been requested, but I can hardly post any w/o a camera let alone the interwebs...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I move to Cedar City, but only for six weeks, then I'll be back for six weeks, at first in Pleasant Grove, and then maybe in Payson, maybe in Nebraska for a bit, then I'll be back to Cedar City for four weeks, then who knows! Since Bud will be back from the mish and at BYU I foresee some visiting of the 'lil bro in September. How exciting!!!

I think I will have to be outdoorsy in Cedar. I don't mind the outdoors TOO much, as long as someone else plans my excursions into them. I've been told that I MUST be outdoorsy or I will have nothing to do. I plan to get in with my ward right off the bat, perhaps initiate some foursquare. Perhaps my Provo buds would come down and be outdoorsy with me, I can't give them a place to stay, or guarantee I won't have to work that Saturday, but they can come if they want :).

I'm trying to decided if I want my ward's first impression of me to be uber femme fetale as I am want to be on a Sunday, or if I should go for a more approachable, not 6'3"
Shelby. I'll probably default to the first.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A car

I officially own Vay-noos, the my sister's Saturn that I've been driving for two and a half years! Of course the DMV people were a lot scarier in my head and the whole paperwork stuff took about 6 minutes, if that. I opted for the arch plates because I don't ski. If I was a DMV worker I'd be the happiest most cheerful one ever. This is no reflection on the worker I had. She was very nice, but I'd be SO nice people would blog about me. That being said, I'm super glad that for the time being it looks as though I will not need to be a DMV worker.

I head to Cedar City on Wednesday morning! Today is MY day to get ready, as the last week has been Janet's. I'd be more motivated if it wasn't raining a ton. Mostly I just want to watch Netflix in bed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I hate catch up so here it is.

I move to Cedar City on Wednesday, less than a week. Since graduating I've been working with Janet, my USF designer, to get ready to go to Cedar City. I've been living at my friend Martha's and have been thoroughly enjoying the fact that when I'm done for the day I'm DONE! No homework. I bought Vay-noos (my car) from my sister, which I am super grateful for. I have a job, I have a car, I am moving out of Provo. I am beginning my life as a bonified adult. Funny huh?

I went to lunch with my friend John yesterday and was telling him how I haven't really minded Provo that much. It's a good size, it's close to Orem and Salt Lake, and the closest and most useful place I could live in and be close to my sister Ashley. I live in Provo because BYU is in Provo and for four years BYU has been my life, so Provo has been great. But now I'm leaving! Exciting huh? I've only been to Cedar City twice, and for entirely Utah Shakes reasons. Even though small town UT might not be too too big of a difference from Provo I'm stoked to work at a professional theatre, to be around all them cowboys and catch up with an old Young Women's leader that's in Cedar City.

I will miss people from Provo. I can't think of another situation where dinner group would be possible, or where all your neighbors are super good friends because you all go to church together and play four square once a week. I've loved my ward. It is truly amazing and I'll miss the people in it, but I'm not one for mushy-ness. I don't pretend that I'll remember absolutely everyone's names from BYU. There are people I'd love to keep in touch with, and thanks Facebook, that's possible, but all in all I'll remember the wonderfully fun times I had in this ward after Peter Pan was over and I let myself have a semblance of a life for the first time since high school.

Am I getting sentimental? I don't mean to...Life's just been oodles of great recently and even though not having super solid plans for the next 18 months of my life freaks the crap out of me, not to mention choosing a grad school, I recognize that this is all a part of growing up. I just can't wait for the day that I can stay in one place for more than a year and can buy IKEA furniture and paint walls.