Thursday, April 29, 2010

3rd Ministerial Debate

=Gee these guys seem so charming with their accents.
=Clegg, your shirt collar looks too big and your tie knot is too big.
=Brown, your tie is crooked.
=The camera pans in and is so dramatic.
=Cameron, your tie is crooked too.
=Brown, way to tastefully address your 'bigot' remark.
=Cameron, how are you going to employ people?
=Brown is mad at Cameron about the economy. Who has it right about gov't spending? Clegg was good to cut in and get his point in, otherwise it's just a Labour/Conservative debate.
=Clegg is acting more like the mediator between Brown and Cameron. He's looking good because he doesn't come off so ill-tempered.
=Clegg's the only one that's responding personally to the people who've asked the questions.
=Cameron, I like your listening face, it's a lot less temper tantrum than Brown's.
=Mediator, your tie is disgusting.
=Phrase of the night "Let's be honest"
=Brown, I'm pretty sure you heard Cameron wrong, didn't he say he's NOT cutting inheritance tax for the rich and will for low-income families?
=Clegg's coming off well by not getting too involved w/ the Labor/Tory fights, but he's not saying as many specific plans as the other too.
=Clegg, way to be specific about bonuses for banks.

Getting bored...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In London!!

I left for the airport at 6.30 am Provo time, took off at 10 am, landed at JFK at 4.45 pm, took off at 6.30pm and landed in London at 7 am!!! Luckily I had no problem sleeping on the plane so I have yet to feel all that tired even though technically I haven't been to bed for over 24 hours.

My flight out of SLC had about 40 kids that were going to Jerusalem on it and about 20 kids going to London, whether London Centre or London Theatre. The flights weren't bad. I'd never had an airplane meal before and I must say it was rather delish. I watched The Young Victoria at the beginning of my second flight. It was pretty great. Not amazing, but it had pretty costumes and true love so of course I liked it.

At Heathrow our rag-tag bunch of theatre kids took the express to Paddington and then caught a cab. We learned that you have to be quick when getting on the express because if you don't jump on you'd better just wait for the next one. I was probably in the airport and on the express before I could see London for real for about an hour and a half.

The only picture I've taken so far is from our cab. Red Light Indicates Doors are Secure is an Arctic Monkeys song. I had no idea. After checking in at our flats which are on the SW corner of Hyde Park I unpacked and went on a Boots excursion w/ some kids. Boots is like Walgreens FYI. Before going to said Boots which is just 5 blocks down the way we hit up the Kensington Tube stop to get our tube passes which they gave us in bright yellow IKEA deals. Pretty great. We all got toiletries at Boots which was just off the Kensington station and then trekked a little further to go to Tesco which is a grocery store. I've now showered and am blogging.

Things I've noticed so far:
I've only heard probably 3 or 4 British accents so far, our cab driver, my tube pass giver...the lady at Tesco and a woman we asked for directions from on the street. Other than that, airport people, Boots person, tons of people on the street have any and all accents other than British

People are very stylish or very grubby here, well, British looking people. The locals, they're so trendy.

The people at Boots and Tesco and just customer service people in general just seem tired.

Hyde Park is out my front window!

Monday, April 26, 2010

London Tomorrow

So, I go to London TOMORROW!! It's a little surreal. I'll hopefully be updating my blog and facebook albums daily. If you want a postcard send me your address on facebook or email it to me. I'll pick somewhere from which to send you a postcard. It'll be great.

I fly out of SLC at 10am, stop in NYC and land in London at 7am!! That means I get to sleep as much as I can on the plane!

Things I want to do (besides the already planned stuff w/ the programme):
visit the V&A all the time
go to the Imperial War Museum and see ancient Rajput armor and Admiral Nelson's uniform
go to Saville Row and see how much a seven-fold tie would be
go to the Jane Austen and Costume Museums in Bath
go to Chatworth House on the way through the Peak District and to the Lake District
buy some bangles and a sari
eat fantastic Indian food
visit Cosprop
perhaps see the sequel to Phantom of the Opera
go running in Hyde Park everyday

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things with fabric have been figured out, which was my greatest concern recently. I will not be able to make the dress, but I've found someone better than myself to do it.

I still have to have oral surgery tomorrow.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

two lists

So...Things that are going wrong in my life w/in the past 2 weeks:

-The day I learned my grandpa died I also learned I have to have oral surgery.
-The day I got back from my grandpa's funeral I scheduled my oral surgery for a week before I go to London.
-There's a volcano erupting in Iceland that's stalling all European air travel.
-I express ordered the fabric for the wedding dress I need to have done before I go to London w/ 3 weeks to spare. I leave in 9 days and long story short the fabric has yet to arrive.
-I have to move out of my apartment in 6 days.
-I have an 8 page paper due tomorrow and have said all I can think to say in 5 pages.

Things that are going well in my life:
-Gladiator was on Friday night
-3:10 to Yuma was on last night
-I'm almost done with my finals, my costume renderings look pretty great.
-When all is said and done I [might be] in London.
-I got a $500 award for being the TMA Outstanding Design and Technology Student.
-I got half of what I asked for for a grant I applied for to stay on in Europe.
-I got some extra money left over from scholarships for spring term.
-Mommy and Daddy are coming out to see me off.