Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you remember when....?

I used to update all the time? About the two or three Bwood movies I'd seen that week? Those were the good days huh? Anyway, mom's been on my case to update more often and seeing as today was a holiday and I totally wasted it in the homework related area of my life, why not update and waste a little more time?

First, of course in the old tradition we must start with the Movies I've watched recently. I think I should capitalize all the Nouns like they do in German, wouldn't that be Fun?...

The International Cinema came out with their new Schedule for the Semester. Highly anticipated films include Downfall (2004 a/b Hitler), Slumdog Millionaire (come EARLY my friends) and my favorite favorite favorite (!) Swades!!!!!! Slumdog was inevitable, but I must say I'm surprised the Humanities Department (about which I'm becoming much more appreciative and interested) was able to get the Permission/Rights to show it edited so quickly. It won the Oscar only a Year ago (Oscars soon!!!!). Of course I'll go, and we'll see what all the Fuss is about. I have some idea that Om Shanti Om (which inspired all my Bwood Love) came to IC b/c of the Slumdog Fervor, but besides that, Slumdog has no Connection with my love of Hindi Cinema. Often people assume I've seen it when I mention my Passion for Bwood. Of course I have to correct them. I'm excited for Swades b/c I'll get to see SRK in all his Flannel Shirted goodness on the Big Screen. OH!! My Name is Khan comes out in less than a month (Feb 12)!!! Let's hope it comes to Salt Lake!

Um....My Semester, all two Weeks of it so far is going well and is very busy. I had thirteen Fittings last week for Blood Wedding. The Wedding Dress's mock up is done and the Moon is almost ready to come in. Crazy!!! My Designs are actually coming to life! I'm averaging about 8.30-5/6 days (entirely in the HFAC except for 3 hours) which will become much longer once I actually have to start making my projects for my grad courses and dress rehearsals start. Can you believe that in basically 6 weeks Blood Wedding will be up and running and out of my hands? After almost a year!!!

Speaking of, my grad courses are great. I love being w/ Mary and the grad students because it's great experience for when I go to grad school. Haleh and Jaynanne are writing their theses and getting ready for their comprehensive exams so I get to watch their processes and ask them about grad school. For Eastern Costume History we were each going to do a half scale model of a costume article from the Far East, Middle East and India, but now we're each assigned one region; of course I have India. Mary wants me to make a sari, make a sari? huh. I'll either dye it and stuff and make a choli to go along, or I might do extra b/c I've been meaning to make a palatia salwar kameez, and Anjali wants me to spear head the lengha cholis for her wedding way off when, so we'll see what I get done and if I end up killing myself over it. So far during class time we've gone off site and looked at Mary's antique kimonos. Oh how I miss the dusty musk of hundreds of antique clothing artifacts. So far in my Jewelry/Masks/Armor class we've had a glass bead making tutorial and we each got to make a bead. I had the lame, wimpy torch so it took me forever, but meh.

I want to research and publish at CSA (Costume Society of America) the summer after I graduate. I need to find a topic so I can research at the V&A when I go to London in spring. Being published and having presented at the national CSA convention would look great on my grad school apps.

I've basically decided on Boston University for grad school as of right now. It's in a thriving city, is in partnership w/ the professional Huntington Theatre, Boston has an opera and the fourth largest ballet in the nation which is one of the largest employers in Boston. Said ballet offers costume shop internships (unpaid) so I'm trying to figure out how to fit that into my life schedule. Deanne from the shop made sure to remind me that at that level and kind of performance the performers have no qualms about getting completely naked in front of anybody and everybody. I think I can handle it. I've been warned before. The Boston Lyric Opera has a wardrobe supervisor position open right now. Of course I can't take it, but it's encouraging because I have all the qualifications they're looking for. I don't want to be a wardrobe supervisor forever, but it's a pretty common, well paying job that somebody has to be good at. Let's not forget that I'd be going to church w/ all the BU/MIT/Harvard boys too!

Um...I don't want to write anymore, and if you even read this far you probably don't want to read any more so I'll give you a break.