Sunday, November 30, 2008


I spent Thanksgiving on the ranch Cole's dad manages with his siblings and half siblings. They are all super nice. There was cattle sorting and branding to be had and it was tons of fun. I had a great time.

Now I need to focus hard on the next three weeks so I can just get straight to Christmas. I miss home terribly and can't wait to go.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Because everybody's doin' it.

8 favorite TV shows:
Doctor Who
Masterpiece Theatre
The Simpsons
Dirty Jobs
Myth Busters
Super Nanny
The Office

8 favorite restaurants:
Olive Garden
Cracker Barrel
Macaroni Grill
Fortune Palace
Cafe Rio

8 things I did yesterday:
went to church
worked on Isaiah
went to Nicholas' for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner
my New Testament reading
talked to Cole
ate a tuna sandwich
wrote in my journal
charged my iPod

8 things I look forward to:
Thanksgiving w/ Cole
Christmas in Nebraska
February 1st (the day after Millie closes)
Winter semester finals
the new Masterpiece Classics
when we watch The Magic Flute in German

8 things I love about fall:
the leaves changing on the mountains
wearing more clothes
crunchy leaves
lots of blankets at night
sweat pants
my Birthday

8 things on my wishlist:
lots of time w/ Cole
more neices and nephews
a wintercoat that I love and that fits
a dress form
my high boots to get re-soled
a BYU education in Nebraska
a huge pack of Prismacolor markers
my Oscar de la Renta wedding dress when I get married

8 People I tag:


I had my first Mrs. Meers fitting on Friday morning. I felt like such a pro! I'm not though, I didn't know entirely what I was doing, but the wonderful costume shop ladies helped me a ton! In case you don't know, Mrs. Meers is the villain of Thoroughly Modern Millie for which I am assistant designing. Mrs. Meers, her henchmen, Bun Foo and Ching Ho, and the male chorus are my responsibility. More specifically, I am designing Mrs. Meers. The mock up for her robe was done on Wednesday, hence the fitting on Friday. Mrs. Meers is an ex-actress that now runs a hotel in 1920s New York for aspiring actresses. She ships her tennants to China for white slavery. Because she's a wash up, and is pretending to be Chinese, but has no idea what she's doing, her costume is very horrible and fabulous. She's wearing an electric blue robe thing we pulled, and the robe I designed that has a huge Snow White collar. The main fabric is black with medalion things on it, but from concert hall it'll look likegiant polka dots!!!! She's getting extra lace on her pettipants and slip because she's still a diva on the inside. You'll see this when she does her kicks. For her last scene she is in her night things. She'll wear a nightgown that I'll bedeck w/ gobs of lace like late Victorian actresses wore, just gobs and gobs, and an Asian robe we found that's quite beautiful, but alas and alack, it is my job to cover it in horrible pieces of feather boa, like Meers is trying to look good. She'll also wear fuzzy feather slippers that make her feet indistinguishable. I'm really excited because I get to build her robe and add all the extra crap to her other pieces!!!

On a different note, Nevada was looking iffy w/
Cole, but it's officially a go. I'm very excited.

I got a good grade on my rough sketches for Twelfth Night. I only got one point off for unprofessional titles. poop.

Right now I'm trying to find the version of The Magic Flute we've been watching in German. It's really good and I like it, but I can't find it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just a list

I need to read Hamlet tonight. It's long.

Mrs. Meers has her first fitting tomorrow!

BYU's getting rid of its MFA so it'll start offering graduate classes (corsetry, milinery etc) soon.

I've had stroganoff for dinner every night this week.

Four days until I got to Nevada w/ Cole!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Playlist

Probably my favorite song on my Playlist is the Doctor Who Theme 2008. Play 2006's first couple of seconds, then play the 2008, really loudly. Miles of difference. Gives me the shivers. Other than that, I've rediscovered Vampire Weekend, and Online by Brad Paisley makes me laugh my head off. Thanks Cole ;P.

I've started my sketches for Twelfth Night for Intro to Costuming. I'm doing Pygmalion for my Final. I'm excited. Henry Higgins is a baller.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I love my major

Of the four questions you will be given two. Respond to one with a well crafted thesis and essay. You may use one page of notes, front and back.

-Compare and contrast Kabuki and Cycle play acting and the actors' relationship with the audience. What can we learn from their similarities and differences?

-Define Noh performance's yugan and Indian rasa from the Natyasastra. What's the closet correlate to these in contemporary Western performance? How are these correlates not the same as yugan and rasa?

-Compare and contrast the Quem quaeritis and Cycle Plays. How are they both perfromances of devotion? What performancs today are similar? Explain.

-Compare and contrast Morality and Cycle Plays. Provide historical context for each performance practice.

The first is my favorite.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

not productive

Ever since midterms ended my brain kind of shut down. I've had a very hard time being productive lately, go figure. I'm taking 17 credits, work 17-20 hours a week in a basement and it gets dark at 5.30. I'm just excited for Thanksgiving w/ Cole's family in Nevada. SO excited! Vidoes from Owen's birthday...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A really quick catch up.

Ok, here you go. A very hasty catch-up of Fall semester so far.

I moved into my new Wyview apartment and got cozy.

Then the homies (Nadin not pictured) showed up.

I made some bread. It was delicious.

Cole came for General Conference. That made me VERY happy. We got into the Conference Center for 3 sessions (well, he got in for four, counting priesthood).

I helped the Doctor Who Club make our TARDIS and I walked w/ them in the Homecoming Parade.

Owen turned one and we had yummy cupcakes at Ashley's.

Cole's brother got married in Manti at the end of October. He came out and took me to the reception in Cortez, CO. I got to meet his family, it was GREAT!

We went to Mesa Verde.

Cole looked very handsome at the reception.

I was a rag-doll for Halloween. Genevieve was the second amendment. The Homies went to Sweeney Todd in Concert at the Castle in Provo. It rained almost the entire second act, but was totally worth it!

Genevieve and I finally made it to the Temple. Even though it's the last homegame and that's where you'd think everyone would be, doesn't mean that a ward w/ 50 youth doesn't have a Temple trip. We went to the Creamery after and got some guacamole bacon burgers like old times.

The kids came over last Sunday

Some variation of Leap Frog

Emily's jacket is on upside-down. The hood is at the bottom.

And finally a picture of Nadin

So yeah, that's been my semester so far. Insert long hours at work, lots of homework and conducting in Sacrament Meeting everyotherweek and you have my life.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

new blog

So...since the majority of my fam isn't on Facebook, I figured I'd start a blog to keep them updated. So, here you go I guess.