Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had a great time this past weekend in Provo. I drove up with Mel and drove back with Lando and in the in between I just hung out with all my great Provo friends. I got to see all my ward peeps at a stake activity and FINALLY watched Kung Fu Panda afterward on Saturday night. It having been Memorial Day weekend and all a lot of friends were out of town, so even though I said I'd stay down here until I'm done I might have to come back up in a bit...but I might also have to work half Saturdays until opening, so don't get TOO excited (although I will :)).

FHE on Monday was terrific. A guy in the ward has a ranch and so he took us on a pictograph hike and then we had a HUGE bonfire and made s'mores. I made new friends and ate some campfire treats and it was fun. Other than that, I was going to go to ultimate frisbee and Institute and organize a foursquare game this week, but I've been working nights and going to rehearsals.

Work this week has been very off and on. Monday was a fantastically on day. My sewing was excellent and fast and the day just sped by. Tuesday was terrible. Everything took forever and I had to hand stitch and redo and blah blah blah, just an off day. Yesterday was somewhere in the middle. Titania's cape is a GIANT eyelash fabric that we are covering with 4" strips of glitzy chiffons. I spent yesterday day and night cutting the strips to length. I have spent all morning doing the same. I will spend the afternoon and evening pinning them on.

Tomorrow is Friday, but I will work a half day on Saturday so big whoop. I'm hoping to do some driving on Saturday afternoon to find a pretty spot to paint.

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