Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Reasons to Get a Boyfriend

1. having a picture of my boyfriend on my phone would be less worrisome than having a picture of Lexy’s hateface
2. boyfriends take out your trash
3. boyfriends are nice to look at
4. boyfriends make you eat regularly
5. boyfriends make sure you go outside
6. boyfriends smell good
7. boyfriends are nice to walk with
8. one is more apt to moisturize when hand holding is in order
9. boyfriends usually drive
10. it’s winter and I’m cold

Monday, December 13, 2010

Degrees of seperation

Ok, so I've had this figured out for awhile, but I'm six legit degrees of separation from Gandalf. So here we go...

I worked Brian Stokes Mitchell's wardrobe for his BYU concert who was in Frasier with
Kelsey Grammer who was in Cheers with
Ted Danson who is married to
Mary Steenburgen who was in Back to the Future III with
Christopher Lloyd who was in Back to the Future II with
Elijah Wood who was in Lord of the Rings with
Sir Ian Mclellan who is Gandalf.

Want me to do do Dumbledore? Ok.

I met Toby Stephens who is
Maggie Smith's son who was in Harry Potter with
Michael Gambon and/or Richard Harris.

That one was pretty short. I hope to expand my degrees as I work in the biz. Since I know Janet Swenson who worked on the Osmond Show with the likes of Bob Hope I'm two degrees away from lots of famous people, but that is kind of cheating. Not really, but I want more legit connections. I have other friends who've work w/ famous people, so try me!

Javier Bardem for Nadin

I've worked with Carl Wesson who worked hair and make up on Maverick with
James Garner who was in Space Cowboys with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in No Country for Old Men with

There you go.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love to entertain. I love to cook a lot of food and have friends over. This all started sophomore year after my big break up when I needed to actually meet people since I'd spent all of Fall semester pining. Since then I've had lots of fun dinners. I love to be in the kitchen and make lots of comfort food, which I'm good at. I also like wearing my frilly apron I got from work for Christmas last year. I've had chili nights, stew nights, and Navajo taco gatherings. I used to, but have stopped, have Baking Wednesdays. Lots of new recipes from that.

Tonight, following in the tradition we started last year, we had our Home Teacher appreciation dinner (plus boyfriends). Genevieve and I's HT Ben informed us that today is The Virgin of Guadalupe Day in Mexico so we enlisted the help of Mexican Nadin and made a full Mexican dinner. Nadin took us shopping and sent us the recipes, but we did all the cooking. Be proud. I spearheaded awesome beef tacos, we're talking Carne Desebrada Adobada. I don't know what that means, but it's basically slow cooked beef in Mexican delicious. I also made the rice and made Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate which is cinnamony and tasty. Genevieve made tostada fixings. Overall I'd say it was a resounding success. The one thing w/ entertaining is, and I'm sure moms would agree, you don't really eat much after all the work you put into it. I don't at least, I get too excited and end up talking all the time.

I think a German dinner might be in order...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A list

1. I am now a card carrying member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. Even though I always spell it theatRE I don't understand why the UNITED STATES Insitute etc. doesn't spell it theatER.
2. I've been missing my German class lately. This is interesting because it drove me nuts and made me feel inadequate and unable to communicate. This might be because I have two friends in the Spanish grad program that are really good at Spanish and this reminds me that Spanish is not as great as German.
3. We had our still photo shoot of Peter Pan today. The costumes and make up look amazing! The actor playing Hook is one of those rare men that look so gorgeous with eye liner.
4. If I could I'd watch every episode of Bones over the Holiday. As it is, I'll probably watch every episode of 30 Rock.
5. It's been observed by myself and others that this is the time of year when women spontaneously burst into tears. I kid you not, the more women I mention this to the more women confess to this being the case. A guy friend of mine even said he ran into this problem today.
6. Hallmark movies that only have one kiss at the end are bunk.
7. Anderson Cooper's hair has gone beautifully white. Remember how much I love Anderson Cooper? I do. Grey and white hair is super attractive. Cases in point: Richard Gere, Anderson Cooper, Greg Wise, Mark Harmon.
8. I'm watching something that looks like a Hindi soap opera but it's dubbed in Spanish. If it was in Hindi I might have a better chance of understanding it. As it is, I'm really confused because the sound and their mouths don't match, but they don't look Indian.
9. We have a Christmas decoration on our mantel that looks like Santa terrorizing a forest when you turn it backwards. Genevieve and I agree that this is cooler than the right side which is Santa, a snowman and a penguin in front of some evergreens.
10. Students protesting Parliament's vote to raise tuition fees attacked Prince Charles' car today. Seriously guys, get over it. Spoiled socialists.
11. Half Windsor knots for neck ties almost inevitably end up crooked. Please men, learn to tie it right, or tie a full Windsor.
12. I want to see The King's Speech way bad. I think I'll have Marth screen it for me.
13. I've had three meals a day for a week now. Congratulate me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


For those in the know a showmance is pretty self explanatory. For those not in the know, a "showmance" is a relationship started and carried out during the run of a theatrical presentation between cast or crew members of said show. Now, showmances I'm sure are beneficial to many an actor or techie that never interacts with anyone outside the theatre, and many a showmance has lead to marriage, but in my opinion showmances are perhaps the worst idea ever. Just look at Branjelina. Now I know the appeal of being with someone that understands your Brecht jokes and makes their own is almost too much to resist, but here are 5 good reasons why showmances are awful-->

1)Showmances are perpetrated in the dark backstage, or while in really pretty costumes, so how can you really tell what your showmance partner looks like?
2)Showmances are between actors and actors, or actors and techies or techies and techies. I have no problem with these groups being friends, but by the nature of these roles someone is always doing the dirty laundry and that's just awkward.
3)When everybody's stripping to their skivvies in the dark you'd better believe your showmance will have no privacy.
4)Shows, like band camps, eventually come to an end, and with the end comes all the glitter and dazzle of the showmance. Suddenly you don't have 5 scheduled hours a night to be together and you actually have to work at the relationship, fun over.
5)You're BOTH in showbiz! Worst idea ever.

So, you ask, what's a girl to do that spends 8 hours a day in a basement sewing, dressing strangers and working with all women to do? Stalk the Tanner and marry an MBA student.

Friday, November 26, 2010

"I loved you from the first moment I saw you"

I'm getting sick of 'love at first sight' crap where the girl is so devastatingly beautiful that the man is absolutely lost. Now in some cases the guy plays it cool and builds a foundation with the girl, like Brooke Burgess or Mr. Rochester, but for others like Romeo or Marius the man is just absolutely lost and is proposing marriage based solely on the fact that the girl has a rather fine visage. Call me a pessimist or a realist, but all that is crap. Anyway, in case you don't believe me, here's a smattering of famous "I loved you from the first moment I saw you" situations.

Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
The Little Mermaid
Brooke Burgess with Dolly (from He Knew He Was Right)
Mr. Stanbury with Nora (from He Knew He Was Right)
Every Bollywood movie ever (specifically Om Shanti Om, Swades, Saawariya)
Colonel Brandon with Marianne (from Sense and Sensibility)
Romeo and Juliet
Cosette and Marius (from Les Mis)
Tamino and Pamina (from The Magic Flute)
Rhett Butler with Scarlett O'Hara (from Gone with the Wind)
Mr. Rochester with Jane Eyre (from Jane Eyre)
Tristan with Isolde
Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn (from Henry VIII)
Henry Tilney with Catherine (from Northanger Abbey--debatable, but come on, she's a moron, it had to be love at first sight or else he would have been completely turned off once she opened her mouth)

And then there's the whole, "Even though I tried to marry someone else, I'm sure I've loved you my whole life" line that men also feed women in literature, probably most notably from the examples below:

Little Dorrit (Oh I'm so glad my being a complete airhead didn't in any way deter you from loving me)
Mansfield Park (That Miss Crawford was just a fling, I REALLY loved you Fanny, my WHOLE life)
Emma (I realized I loved you since you were 12 when Frank Churchill almost stole you away!)

I'm not saying that I don't enjoy some of the above pairings, I just almost roll my eyes out of my head when I get to the "She's so beautiful, it must be love!" parts of these stories, but what are you going to do?

More realistic stories:
You've Got Mail
Pride and Prejudice
While You Were Sleeping

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Man Plan and The Realistic Plan

I've been thinking lately about how girls have two plans in general, not necessarily Plan A or Plan B, but two plans for the future, one including marriage and one that doesn't. When discussing the doesn't plan w/ my friend the the other night a guy friend pointed out how the plan's lack of a man seemed rather pessimistic. I of course had to correct him and say that it is not in fact pessimistic, rather it is realistic. Women who don't come up with a realistic after the undergrad plan are on the market for a world of hurt if the Man Plan doesn't pan out in time. Then there's the opposite, the position I most find myself in, where the Realistic Plan becomes so real and certain (the Man Plan being more of a gamble) that the idea of giving it up for the Man Plan should that option arise, seems a little heart wrenching and stomach turning. When a girl doesn't date the Man Plan seems rather far away and the Realistic Plan starts to look so nice. However, if we had to assign an A and a B I suppose Plan A should be the Man Plan, which is really just figuring out what the heck you're going to do about your future once you've figured out with whom you're spending it.

I don't know if men have these same categories of future plans. I would assume that their Realistic and Woman Plans are somewhat similar, one has a wife and the other doesn't. I for one see no problem with that, although it does seem oh so much easier for them than for us. Oh well. Dem's the breaks

In case you were wondering:
Man Plan: get married and figure it out from there, my MFA not being an option but the timing of achieving said MFA is incredibly flexible. Have oodles of babies.

Realistic Plan: Work the next Utah Shakespeare Festival season, move home to make money then apply to grad school for Fall '12 at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Boston University, and possibly London Unis. After attaining my MFA move to London for good within 3 years and work my way up to designer for The Globe and/or The National. Also, open a Mormon bridal boutique in London to serve our lovely European sisters.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reasons why being a wardrobe supervisor is soooo glamourous

1. Last week Romeo got punched in the face and sprayed blood all over Juliet's wedding dress. LUCKILY I was there after the show for a London reunion and got to clean the blood off right away!
2. Ironing is like my FAVORITE thing ever, sometimes. R&J has a couple shirts that don't need to be ironed and about a million that do. On Saturday I didn't turn on the industrial iron so I just touched up the sleeves of the shirts I knew would be worn w/o their jackets.
3. There's nothing more fascinating than the print of an actor's face on another actor's white shirt.
4. For Houseboat Honeymoon 2 years ago I got to hand wash a shirt every day b/c it got spat on every night.
5. For Houseboat Honeymoon I spent an hour cleaning watered down mascara off of a dupioni silk wedding dress.
6. Crotch stink.
7. For Dial M. for Murder I spent 3 hours repairing a fur coat.
8. For Dial M. for Murder I had to learn how to properly set off a pair of murderous back shears.

(Why I really love supervising)
9. I still find blood all over the building from Macbeth.
10. Actors are so fun! (mostly)
11. I have authority and can get people in trouble.
12. One time I was put on headset.
13. Wearing black gets you anywhere.
14. I've learned oh so many laundry and repair tricks.
15. My dressers and actors are visibly nervous when I pop into the green room after opening night.
16. My dressers and actors are visibly relieved when I pop into the green room after opening night.
17. I don't have to go to the shows after the first dress.
18. Warm laundry.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowflakes on the ceiling

I just made and hung five snowflakes in white and blues from my ceiling. During an amazing FHE lesson I was seized upon by the desire to decorate for Christmas like crazy. My goal is to have twinkly lights up by Sunday.

I spent the weekend watching BBC shows and pining for London. I was just rereading some FashionEphemera entries from London and I'm so SO piny for it! This weekend I watched Doctor Who, Law & Order: UK and Sherlock (on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre website to watch online, I think you'd LOVE it mom!). The latter two are filmed in London and I recognized the places and got so homesick for it! I don't know how to change my toolbar on my browser from London weather to Provo weather so I could see earlier tonight that it was snowing in London. Oh snow in London!!!

Um...I had a ripping migraine this morning, that wasn't fun. Besides that though I haven't been sick at all this season, knock on wood. I got my tickets to fly home for December 17-January 2. I'll make it just in time for Erica Bischoff's wedding! I wish I could be more clever, but I don't have much else to say. I have some ideas for Ephemera entries though, so if you want to hear more from me check out the other blog.

Listening to Nat King Cole's Oh Tannenbaum and his accent is worse than the Swiss!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

I've been away for awhile, but I'm not catching you up!! I was so excited for Halloween b/c after a certain point people aren't allowed to ask me for help w/ their costumes anymore. Also, Halloween is the end of October which is the worst month of the year.

On Friday I had every intent to be Katherine Hepburn for our stake dance, but I had a late night the night before so my hair didn't get set and blah blah blah I threw together a 1920s tennis player costume at the last minute. I wish I had a wooden racket, but I don't. I think the picture's gross, but the costume and make up were so adorable! My favorite costume I've put together for myself.

The dance was a riot!!! I love a good dance! I've been lucky enough to always be in the most fun ward of the stake. If the stake dresses like cowboys I'm in the ward that dresses like Indians. If everyone's in normal costumes I'm in the ward w/ the two man 8' elephant costume. All these trends center around my friend Dusty really I just like being in his ward!! But the dance was a blast! I LOVE DANCING!!!

On Saturday I helped w/ my friend Ben's Monster Mile and 5K that he put together in the morning then went to a Peter Pan run through in the afternoon. After such a late night and early morning I slept over the dinner hour and then went to a scary movie!!!

Last year my friend John and I went to the Japanese original of Dark Water so this year we went to the Korean movie A Tale of Two Sisters and screamed our brains out!! It was so scary!! Genevieve, her boo and Rachel came too so I was between Rachel and John and we were all screaming like babies!

Sunday was an excellent day at church, then I went to my friend Kimothy's and ate yummy food and watched Hocus Pocus and boy howdy do I love that movie!!!

And that was my Halloween.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rafting and stuff

I went to visit my friend Dusty in Jackson Hole Wyoming last weekend. We took a gondola up to a restaurant at the top of a mountain at Teton Village. We hiked to the top of the mountain and Dusty posed epically.
After so much hiking in England I was less than happy to be hiking such a steep climb again, but it was beautiful really. I got 4 bites on my back in the first 5 minutes of the hike. This face expresses my displeasure in in having to hike and being bitten. Also, it has Brent and Dusty. Brent is my roommate OP's boyfriend. I drove up with them.
At the top of the mountain was a HUGE storm!
We went down the Snake River on Friday and Saturday. Dusty was our fearless leader with his inflatable dolphins.
This is the whole gang from Saturday's rafting. It was SO much fun!! The water was low, which made some of the water great!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sir Ian

Kinda late in the day, but this is hilarious.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mo Tab Battle Hymn

In honor of the Fourth, a video of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Not usually thought of as too patriotic, but I love the Mo Tab's version, and come on, it's totally patriotic.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

David Tennant Bedtime Story

I think I'll try posting a new video almost every day because Ilook up videos almost everyday. Today is David Tennant reading the story "Miki" as a part of a bedtime story programme. I sure do like it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

London: For Marth and Lex

Yes yes, I didn't blog about anything on the Continent except my first day, and now I'm back in London, but I have to blog for Marth and Lex.

AHHH! London is amazing! But about a tenth of its awesome is memories of time with you (because come on, London's too awesome to be dampened TOO much by your absence). So, here is a photo essay (correct term?) of my missage of you.

Because I've been without Martha telling me when to eat it got to be 3 in the afternoon and all I'd had was a chicken sandwich at 10 (when I hadn't had dinner the night before). So...I made sure I ate my dinner and got some protein. After I checked in at my hostel I got a good old Bento Box, sans Martha, as you can see. I bought Japanese candy in her honor.

After dinner I went over to the Globe to see if I could catch a groundling ticket for tonight. I had a soft serve in honor of Lexy. I got a double cone. She knows what that means.

I took a load off at Southwark after the Globe. And drank WATER, by myself.

I know that Burrough Market being empty has nothing to do with Martha and Lexy not being here, but it was so sad and lonely.

Ok, this is hilarious. I wanted to take a picture of how long the escalator was for Lexy, but I didn't want to be an ugly tourist and hold up traffic so I took a picture on the sly as I went up. After the flash went off I realized it totally seemed like I was being a bigtime creeper. I was going to delete this photo, but I think it'll be great on a plate.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paris: Anglophile in Pair-ee

So, I made it to Paris. Of course it wasn’t as nerve racking or hard as I thought it’d be. St. Pancras actually had some of the nicest people working there I’ve encountered. I completely spaced that fact that international travel would require security checks and all so I was rather surprised by the airport like luggage scanners and so forth. However, the scanning wasn’t as stringent as it is in the US, so all went well. I can’t think of any way the US could be stricter w/ baggage checking, so I was more than prepared for this part of the trip. The woman who checked me in smiled and told me to have a nice trip. After six weeks of grumpy tellers and cashiers she was very friendly.

The ride itself was fine, nothing to report. After I got into Paris Nord I had to find my train to Loli’s. I’d gotten my Metro/RER pass in London right before I left so I didn’t have to worry about that. I did want to find a cash machine as soon as possible so I see this long row of yellow machines w/ slots for cards and pin code pads so I put my debit card in. Not a cash machine. The shear amount of them should have tipped me off to the fact that they were ticket machines of sorts. The girls who went to Paris for their weekend said they got cash at the station, but I couldn’t see a place anywhere so I focused on finding my train to Loli’s.

I can’t imagine navigating the Paris Metro w/o having navigated the Tube in English first. Paris’ Metro is basically the same, only it’s dirtier and they have double decker deals on the RER!! Oh, and it’s in French. Again, I actually didn’t have that much trouble. I assume though that I’d have avoided being on the wrong side of the platform many times today if I spoke French. No, I take that back, I just think that it’s not as clear as the Tube.

Anyway, I got to the station Loli told me to get off at and walked up to a map to get my bearings for some reason, even though she gave me very good directions. The station guy came out of his booth to help me. He spoke a tiny bit of English and looked pained when I asked if he did, knowing that communicating with me was going to be a chore. From what I could gather there was a bus that took me to Loli’s street 1000 metres up the road. He wrote the numbers down for me and was very nice about explaining in French how to get there. After it all he asked if I had a light. Some other guy did. After walking the way he told me (that wasn’t Loli’s way) for a little I turned around and went the way she told me and got there no problem.

Loli’s a gem and had a Metro plan all for me. After I showered a bit (I tried not to wash my hair and failed, the shower head has a mind of its own!) because it’s SO much hotter here than when I left London, Loli showed me on the map where places of interest were and I set off for the evening. At the station by Loli’s my card wouldn’t work so a cop from a gaggle of cops that was at the station took my pass and asked about if for me. I stood between these four big French cops while this one cop that spoke just enough English to tell me in a nutshell what the station guy told him (the same one that tried to help me earlier) helped me get through the deal. Seriously. At one point he dropped my ticket and was wearing gloves so it was super awkward watching him try to pick it up. All in all though, he was super nice, and the four policeman were very nice and all rather attractive.

OK, confession time. My coming to Paris has pretty much been just for research. I haven’t even thought about what sites to see, at all. Loli pointed some major ones out so that’s where I went. I transferred two or three times to get the the Champs-Élysées. What is this? If I hadn’t JUST talked to friends and mom about what to see in Paris I’d have no idea. And I obviously still didn’t b/c I got off at the stop and walked the wrong way, which if I knew what the heck the CE was, I’d’ve realized. I ended up passing the Small and Grande Palaces. What are these? I don’t know, but aren’t you proud of my translations? I crossed the Seine on the Alexander Bridge that looked famous. At one point I turned around and what do you know!! It was the Eiffel Tower, not terribly close, but there it was. It looks smaller in real life. I followed whatever road that was for a while.

My goal was to find a cash machine and eat something b/c I’m trying to break out of my shell. Well, I failed on both accounts. Loli said there’d be cash machines everywhere once I got into the city, but I guess not around the touristy sites. Of course, even though Rick Steves plus all my friends who have been to Paris say that almost everyone can speak English, I assumed that whomever I asked couldn’t so I didn’t ask. Fail.

I eventually figured out the the Champs-Élysées was the road from Arc de Triomphe to Napoleon’s obelisk. I walked to the obelisk because I like Egypt and it looked closer. It was pretty cool. By this time I was exhausted though so I didn’t walk the other direction to the Arc. From the obelisk I did see the something or other National and some pretty buildings. Seriously, I realize how much of Paris is wasted on an Anglophile like me.

So, I went home, and had a sandwich. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow’s first order of business is to get my Eurail figured out, and get cash. Later I’ll go to the adult session of Stake Conference all in French and then meet women I want to interview.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

London: Leaving

I head to Paris tomorrow...

Not going to lie, I was really kind of freaking out about going to Europe by myself, but have since calmed down. I'm still anxious, but if you're not anxious you're careless and my dad ain't no Liam Neeson (as he tells me). Packing stinks, esp. when you're in a very small room w/ two other girls that are doing the same thing and you have to stay under 50lbs yada yada. Luckily I packed very lightly, leaving an extra 16 lbs in my big bag and who knows how much in my carry on. So, my big bag is currently 8 lbs underweight, with all my new books even! I'll store my big bag at a storage place for the two weeks I'm gone. Apparently said place is tourist centric with a scale and all, so I'll do all my rearranging when I get back there to pick up my luggage. I think I'm good with weight, because I'm sure you were wondering!

So, off to Paris. My friend Sarah set me up w/ Loli, who seems wonderful. She's a local (former?) RS president that has been babying me through everything so far. After Paris is Bern, Switzerland, which could still turn into Geneva. After Switzerland, Germany! Than Chunnel back, extra day by myself in London then back home to Provo. Honestly, I can't wait until this is all over and I can just sit at Ashley's and watch TV. Cakes is picking me up from the airport!! I'd just appreciate some permanency right now. I'll get it when I move back here w/ Martha to work!

Now, to finish packing and to find my Chunnel and Eurail tickets that decided to disappear a day ago...

Monday, May 31, 2010

London Observances 2

---"Alright" is akin to "cheers" in that it means a butt load of stuff. Mainly it's used by salespeople at markets and stores to ask if they can help you..."Are you alright?"="Can I help you with anything?/Are you ready to order?"
---Attractive actors have big heads, not necessarily a London specific item, but it comes up. Toby Stephens, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt.
---Toby Stephens is starring in a Buchner at the National after we leave. He's a beast.
---Have I said this already? There is a blue eye here that isn't in the States. It's light and piercing and more intense than anything we seem to get from our mutt genes.
---It's easier for one to get an English work visa if you have English ancestory on your dad's side. Cha-ching!
---There were SO many Americans out and about yesterday, ick. Everywhere!
---I've never heard an organ sound like the organ in St. Paul's did yesterday for Evensong. Amazing. The organist was ending an 18 month internship or whathaveyou so the 'exit music' was quite the swan song.
---Anglican clergy women (I'm never quite sure which religions allow women in the priesthood).
---Anglican clergy women cut their hair short so they look like little boys.
---Said it before, I'll say it again, I LOVE cassocks, be they of the Catholic or Anglican variety (can you tell I went to Evensong at St. Paul's yesterday yet?).
---Soho is fantastic (during the day)!
---Savile Row strikes me as a place that at one point was thriving and well known for its art, but now is walked down by those that have no idea what kind of legacy they're passing, schade.
---Theatre atmospheres are all the same. I love them. The National may be huge and amazing, but I could navigate that sucker in a week.

Above is a photo of St. Paul's during the Blitz. At one point a time-delayed bomb that would have destroyed the cathedral was removed and detonated elsewhere. At another time an incendiary bomb landed on the dome but fell to the Stone Gallery and was put out. I think that's pretty neat.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

London: Henry VIII

Lexy and I tried to get Macbeth tickets for this week to see it again but it was sold out the night we wanted and the next day we couldn't make the matinee so we got tickets for Henry VIII for last night instead. Lexy ended up selling her ticket to Katie so Katie and I had a swell time.

It was fabulous! For a history buff like me, w/ an especial penchant for Tudor history, Henry VIII was enthralling. It is a Shakespeare history that's known for having no battles or action. It entirely about politics. Even the love story with Anne Boleyn is hardly developed on stage. These are all historic points against Henry VIII (and the fact that Shakespeare had some help w/ some scenes) but it was fantastic! It was presented by a rather young director (Mark Rosenblatt) as "straight" Shakespeare. It was set in the court and time of Henry VIII and had all the pomp that you would expect of such a scene.

The costumes were magnificent, we're talking movie budget. Henry had no less than 5 different, full fledged ensembles from his green leather tennis breeches w/ matching shoes (and codpiece) to his blackworked nightshirt, a green brocade ensemble with strips of fabric woven to make the sleeve poofs, for the trial a scarlet cape with ermine (as everyone wore) and for the christening a gold and brown brocade suit which, when worn in the position of the Holbein painting made me catch my breath. The ladies were all in the exact same cut of gown but in variations of material and color. The lady's maids, whom I saw during rehearsal, wore bodices and skirts of goose grey velveteen with silver brocade petticoats and gable hoods. Anne Boleyn wore blue velvet with the same material for her petticoat but going the opposite direction (little touches). Her coronation gown was ivory gold sewn with beads and gold over her pregnant belly (which sat rather low). Queen Katherine wore plush purple velvet with wine brocade with gold trim at the skirt's parting. Each man had a monochromatic ensemble with matching codpiece, be it cupped or erected. The Duke of Buckingham wore rich chocolate brown velvet that was so dark and rich you could hardly see its dimension. The men's robes were collared in real furs of mostly bear I would think. The cardinal of course wore yards of scarlet moire. The lady's maids wore scarlet hooded capes for the coronation and hoodless ivory gold ones for the christening which was entirely in ivory and gold. The baby Elizabeth (a doll) was swathed in an ivory wrapping embroidered with mirrors and gold training to the floor and carried by the maids. Who have I forgotten? Bottom line, velvet, furs, blackwork, amazing.

The characters actually each had personality, which is the hardest part of Shakespeare. Henry, played by Dominic Rowan was brunette perfection, reminding the audience that Henry wasn't always fat and crazy. Anthony Howell (Roger from Wives and Daughters) played the Duke of Buckingham and the Lord Chancellor. As the former he was courageous and noble. Miranda Raison as Anne was cool and calculating. You couldn't hate her however. She was absolutely gorgeous with raven hair and bright blue eyes. Cardinal Wolsey, played by Ian McNeice was not entirely fantastic, but he worked. Kate Duchêne as Queen Katherine was feisty and pitiful(if not a little bustier on the left side). Her Spanish accent and brown teeth were excellent, obvious but often overlooked touches. Amanda Lawrence as the fool and Virginia was pitch perfect with her comedy, as were the other comic characters.

Running three hours, but without a black membrane like Macbeth, this play wasn't hard for me to stand through, nor did it lose my attention at any point. I was riveted. It was sublime.

Some reviews:

Monday, May 24, 2010

London: Summertime, Jojo and War Horse

It seems like when the weather gets warm here women take off their tights and bras and men take off their shirts. I was in Hyde Park for a walk yesterday afternoon and this was the general trend. Ick. I prefer Hyde Park in the morning when just joggers and commuters are out and about.

It was rather warmer than it has been today. I didn't think it was all that hot, but apparently since I have 0% body fat I don't get to have a say. After class I went to find Jojo, Caitlin's friend from Australia (who is in fact English, living in London). I googlemapped the cafe she works at and it all seemed fine and dandy but it took us forever to find. We had to stop into a shop called Magma to ask for directions. As luck would have it, Magma is a fabulous little place with all sorts of interesting and novelty books. I got one called Listography that has lists for me to fill out. I like lists.

Eventually we found J & A Cafe, after much twisting and turning. Below is evidence of how ridiculous finding this place was. But find it we did and I met Jojo who's a dear and had a great (very late) lunch.

After turning onto what we think is Sutton Lane all we find is this big "Sutton Lane" sign...and a sandwich board for the cafe.
We look down the alley and can't see the cafe.
Finally a glimmer of hope...
And we found it!
And met Jojo.

Tonight we saw War Horse which is a big budget West End musical about WWI horses. I'm learning that I don't like reading the plays before we see them because then I know what happens at the end and how much I have to sit through and I notice deviations from the script and all. It takes away the wonder. All in all though War Horse was visually stunning. I didn't care for some of the actors, but the costumes were fantastic, the horse puppets were spectacular (google image it up) and the music was inspiring. The music was my favorite part by far. One actor, the Song Man, had the sole purpose of singing the songs. The main characters are English farmers so the songs had a haunting, lilty, quintessentially English sound to them. The Song Man a)was handsome b)played the harmonica and accordion and c)had a beautifully true tenor voice that pierced through all the rest of the show. At times the chorus or playback would join him, but my favorite parts were when he'd just sing by himself to the audience. So wonderful.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Lake District

For our travel weekend, Marth and I and two other girls spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Lake District in NW England, Cumbria to be more specific, Grasmere in Cumbria to be the most specific. We rolled in on Wednesday afternoon and had some time to bum around Grasmere. We ate a a delicious place called The Traveler's Rest for a late lunch. Their desserts were DELICIOUS! Bread pudding and banana creme brulee. We also went to Sarah Nelson's Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. This gingerbread is famous and amazing. I don't like gingerbread, but I love this stuff. There was a queue (mostly of Japanese tourists) out the door when we got there. After we checked into our quaint hostel just outside of Grasmere we went on a walk. NOTE: "Walk" in the Queen's English is "hike" in American English. So, we bought some "walk" guides and started to take one but found a path that looked like more fun so we took it.

We went up this hill for quite some time and got some spectacular views. It was cloudy and misty and we were ill-prepared for walking because we didn't know that walking was hiking. Grasmere was decked out with hiking shops and there were lots of retirees in their gear. After our first little self-guided walk we hit up the grocery store, bought some pizzas, chowed down in the hostel kitchen and passed out.

The hostel was great except for the fact that there was NO water pressure. On Thursday morning I showered under a drip that would sometimes be an actual flow, for about two seconds. After breakfast on Thursday three of us went on a real American walk around Grasmere Lake. It was beautiful. The lake was like glass and there was lots to look at. Grasmere is built out of grey stone, lots of slate, like the fences that are all over the countryside. There are also lots of sheep all over the countryside. I am not all that enamored with animal life, but if you want about 2600 pictures of sheep you should talk to Martha.

After our morning walk we returned to the hostel for our last member. We were planning on splitting up to hit Hill Top (Beatrix Potter's home) and Dove Cottage (William Wordsworth's home) but our hostel owner informed us that Hill Top was rather a ways away so we all agreed to stay in Grasmere and go to Dove Cottage. Indeed, we stayed in Grasmere the whole time. After a delicious lunch and tea at Baldry's (BEST BLT of my life), where the waiter can dish it out, but can't take it back, we went to the Wordsworth Museum and cottage. It was much more interesting and delightful than I expected. The views from and of the garden were beautiful and we recited deliciously horrible poetry in Wordsworth garden just to be funny.

Thursday night we walked to a tarn. It was very high, seeing as apparently a tarn is a lake in a mountain. The trails were well marked for the most part but were covered in either GIANT rocks or almost GIANT rocks. This was very tough on our feet, seeing as we were prepared for walking and not hiking. The walk was rather shear at points, but passed a beautiful water fall and the tarn was very nice. It was big and deep and glassy and remote. Also, Martha and I accidentally matched, promise.

After that tarn we went to The Traveller's Rest for dinner. I got plum stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon on top of basil potatoes with golden plums on the side. For dessert I had a hot lemon poppyseed sponge with plum compote. AH! SO GOOD!

Friday was our last day so we decided to fit in one more walk. This time we walked to a different tarn and it was HARD! The trail was the worst yet and we were so tired! The weather was finally sunny and HOT. The tarn was disappointing compared to the first, but the views from it, of Grasmere and Grasmere Lake and Windemere Lake, were gorgeous. It was nice just to sit up there. The descent was very treacherous and needless to say we all had sunburns and swollen feet by the time were were done with all of our walks.

We had time for one last lunch in Grasmere so we went back to Baldry's and its sassy waiter that was so happy to see us. I got a smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese. A) best cream cheese ever. B)I didn't realize the salmon would be raw!! C)The salmon was DELICIOUS!!! I've seriously never had food like the food I've had in Grasmere. For dessert I ordered an orange drizzle cake, which wasn't very orangey, but it was good. Katie got a sticky gingerbread cake that was TO DIE FOR!! Martha asked for the recipe, but Lee, the sassy waiter wouldn't give it to her, those Northerners and their gingerbread secrets...

After lunch we went back to our hostel, got a cab, got on the train and went home. My neck did get rather red, but it's turned brown since. This weekend was absolutely relaxing (except for the intense amounts of exercise) and delicious for my tummy. When I come back I'll have to go to Baldry's and give Lee a hard time again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

London Meeting Toby Stephens

Last night as a class we went to The Real Thing starring Toby Stephens. We've been studying the play as well. It's about selfishness and adultery, and more analytically and scholarly-wise commitment and love. I found the staging brilliant and Toby sublime. I could take or leave the rest, mostly leave Annie, the one with whom Toby affairs with.

This is me with the poster before the show and...

This is me and a group of girls WITH Toby Stephens after the show. Mandy (on his right) was our rock and insisted that we keep waiting at the stage door for quite some time. He was amazingly gracious and asked us about our University when we told him we were studying the play. He'd say "bless" instead of "cheers" or "thank you" which was refreshing. He's about my height, so that was nice (his not being shorter than me). He was just charming and nice, and so handsome and all of our hearts were racing the whole time. Oh, and his hair went like this *swooshy motion*. It was pretty great.

Me after, I was pretty star struck.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

London People Watching

I'd move to London just for the people watching possibilites. It's full of all nationalities, languages and other sorts of people, not to mention the men, which I believe I have before. The tube is especially good for people watching. It's one of my favorite passtimes.

As for the men, Martha and I used to just grin at eachother when we saw a good one, then we started, with Lexy, calling the men, as in "Mine" and "He's on my team". After that we started to have to call them by what they looked like because a)there were often many attractive men in one spot and b)we'd both "mine" the same guy but after each other not thinking said guy was already "mined", i.e. "Red tie mine". This all sounds rather ridiculous doesn't it? Well, it is.

In the recent past we made up code words instead of "mine" because it got to the point where we were entirely too obvious and seagull-like. Indeed at one point I looked a man square in the eye and said "mine". So, now we have codewords, which are just as, and even more ridiculous. Mine is omelet. Yesterday I omletted a man that rivaled orginal jogger man. Not only did he have an amazing face and hair, but the most amazing suit I've ever seen. We happened to pass him as he was putting something in his pocket. His lining was red. Bestill my murmuring heart.

So, there you go. I am shallow. We are shallow. Many girls in the group now yell their random food to call men on the tube. We're getting over it, but not too quickly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

London: observances 1

-Men are much more attractive here.
-People run places for transport. They don't do this for exercise. It seems like their train of thought is, "I'm going to walk to work, but if I run it'll be faster!". This works here because the weather is cold and those who run don't sweat.
-Sexy dads push the strollers. Very sexy dads push the strollers.
-People says "Cheers" in any and all circumstances, for example instead of hello, thank you, sorry, excuse me and so forth. I think it's kind of like bitte in German.
-I said this before, but am mentioning it again, cashiers at grocery stores, gift shops and box office people all seem rather sad and disinterested. I feel like when I smile and say hi to them they don't appreciate it as much as they should. I miss my favorite cashier named Charles from Smith's. I've seen that man have a whole grumpy conversation with a coworker between customers and be beaming w/ glee when I come up. That's how it should be London, happy customer service people!
-I now know why the likes of Mr. Woodhouse would constantly worry about drafts. Buildings are not sound here. They are cold and the sounds of the street come in as if you had no front wall.
-When you take the tube all the time you don't realize how close things are.
-It's a long walk from High Street Kensington to the London Eye.

2 Grievances only:
I can never get my barrings.
The second hand smoke is having a noticeable effect on my respiratory system.
Oh...and the grumpy cashiers thing.

London: 2 weeks in.

We went to Kew Gardens last Friday and were awkward.
I frolicked in the English countryside.
Marth and I took a day trip to Bath.
In Bath we went to the Fashion Museum. I got the children's corset on. Well, we assumed it was the children's corset.
Yesterday we went to the Temple.

Monday, May 3, 2010

London: Food List

-Gooseberry yogurt is delicious.
-I don't love black currant, I don't hate it.
-I'm running out of Nutella.
-The milk isn't pasteurized. I drink it anyway.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

London Pictures 1

On the London Bridge with my new Primark shoes. It was a nice day and rained later so you couldn't my cute Primark outfit.
The aforementioned black membrane at Macbeth.

Favorite Cafeteria in the West End.

The ridiculously high and steep St. Martin's theatre.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

London List 1

I find paragraphs tedious to write, and I'm sure you find them tedious to read, so as you might have noticed I prefer lists.

-Went on a "Shakespeare" walk around London ending at the Globe. Best part: Borough's market and the delicious cheese samples.
-Went to Macbeth at the Globe
-----We stood in the yard and stuck our heads through a black membrane (pictures to follow).
-----Lots of blood.
-----Macbeth was played by ELLIOT COWAN (!) aka DARCY from Lost in Austen.
-----I want to go back to get a closer look.
-----Macbeth was captivating.
-----Lady Macbeth was crazy.
-----Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had a completely different dynamic than I've ever seen, fantastic.
-----It started hailing and raining during the last 3rd. The. biggest. coldest. raindrops. ever. It was cold and very wet. At the end when Macduff says "Hail, hail!" he said "HAIL! HAIL!" and we all laughed and clapped heartily.
-----Did I mention Macbeth took his shirt off lots and often? he did.
-After Macbeth Marth, Lexy and I went to Mousetrap in the Westend.
-We got taken in by a charming French/brown man at a cafetria. We paid 9lb for tasteless chicken sandwiches, but he called us mademoiselle.
-Mousetrap, the longest running play ever (57 years) was underwhelming and the rake in the theatre was SCARY!
-There was the most perfect looking boy on the tube, straight nose, swooshy hair, button up, sweater, good jeans (let's not talk about his shoes). He was reading the Times and had a signet ring.
-Also on the tube was a girl watching, and rewinding and rewatching poledancing on her iPhone.
And now I'm home.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3rd Ministerial Debate

=Gee these guys seem so charming with their accents.
=Clegg, your shirt collar looks too big and your tie knot is too big.
=Brown, your tie is crooked.
=The camera pans in and is so dramatic.
=Cameron, your tie is crooked too.
=Brown, way to tastefully address your 'bigot' remark.
=Cameron, how are you going to employ people?
=Brown is mad at Cameron about the economy. Who has it right about gov't spending? Clegg was good to cut in and get his point in, otherwise it's just a Labour/Conservative debate.
=Clegg is acting more like the mediator between Brown and Cameron. He's looking good because he doesn't come off so ill-tempered.
=Clegg's the only one that's responding personally to the people who've asked the questions.
=Cameron, I like your listening face, it's a lot less temper tantrum than Brown's.
=Mediator, your tie is disgusting.
=Phrase of the night "Let's be honest"
=Brown, I'm pretty sure you heard Cameron wrong, didn't he say he's NOT cutting inheritance tax for the rich and will for low-income families?
=Clegg's coming off well by not getting too involved w/ the Labor/Tory fights, but he's not saying as many specific plans as the other too.
=Clegg, way to be specific about bonuses for banks.

Getting bored...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In London!!

I left for the airport at 6.30 am Provo time, took off at 10 am, landed at JFK at 4.45 pm, took off at 6.30pm and landed in London at 7 am!!! Luckily I had no problem sleeping on the plane so I have yet to feel all that tired even though technically I haven't been to bed for over 24 hours.

My flight out of SLC had about 40 kids that were going to Jerusalem on it and about 20 kids going to London, whether London Centre or London Theatre. The flights weren't bad. I'd never had an airplane meal before and I must say it was rather delish. I watched The Young Victoria at the beginning of my second flight. It was pretty great. Not amazing, but it had pretty costumes and true love so of course I liked it.

At Heathrow our rag-tag bunch of theatre kids took the express to Paddington and then caught a cab. We learned that you have to be quick when getting on the express because if you don't jump on you'd better just wait for the next one. I was probably in the airport and on the express before I could see London for real for about an hour and a half.

The only picture I've taken so far is from our cab. Red Light Indicates Doors are Secure is an Arctic Monkeys song. I had no idea. After checking in at our flats which are on the SW corner of Hyde Park I unpacked and went on a Boots excursion w/ some kids. Boots is like Walgreens FYI. Before going to said Boots which is just 5 blocks down the way we hit up the Kensington Tube stop to get our tube passes which they gave us in bright yellow IKEA deals. Pretty great. We all got toiletries at Boots which was just off the Kensington station and then trekked a little further to go to Tesco which is a grocery store. I've now showered and am blogging.

Things I've noticed so far:
I've only heard probably 3 or 4 British accents so far, our cab driver, my tube pass giver...the lady at Tesco and a woman we asked for directions from on the street. Other than that, airport people, Boots person, tons of people on the street have any and all accents other than British

People are very stylish or very grubby here, well, British looking people. The locals, they're so trendy.

The people at Boots and Tesco and just customer service people in general just seem tired.

Hyde Park is out my front window!

Monday, April 26, 2010

London Tomorrow

So, I go to London TOMORROW!! It's a little surreal. I'll hopefully be updating my blog and facebook albums daily. If you want a postcard send me your address on facebook or email it to me. I'll pick somewhere from which to send you a postcard. It'll be great.

I fly out of SLC at 10am, stop in NYC and land in London at 7am!! That means I get to sleep as much as I can on the plane!

Things I want to do (besides the already planned stuff w/ the programme):
visit the V&A all the time
go to the Imperial War Museum and see ancient Rajput armor and Admiral Nelson's uniform
go to Saville Row and see how much a seven-fold tie would be
go to the Jane Austen and Costume Museums in Bath
go to Chatworth House on the way through the Peak District and to the Lake District
buy some bangles and a sari
eat fantastic Indian food
visit Cosprop
perhaps see the sequel to Phantom of the Opera
go running in Hyde Park everyday

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things with fabric have been figured out, which was my greatest concern recently. I will not be able to make the dress, but I've found someone better than myself to do it.

I still have to have oral surgery tomorrow.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

two lists

So...Things that are going wrong in my life w/in the past 2 weeks:

-The day I learned my grandpa died I also learned I have to have oral surgery.
-The day I got back from my grandpa's funeral I scheduled my oral surgery for a week before I go to London.
-There's a volcano erupting in Iceland that's stalling all European air travel.
-I express ordered the fabric for the wedding dress I need to have done before I go to London w/ 3 weeks to spare. I leave in 9 days and long story short the fabric has yet to arrive.
-I have to move out of my apartment in 6 days.
-I have an 8 page paper due tomorrow and have said all I can think to say in 5 pages.

Things that are going well in my life:
-Gladiator was on Friday night
-3:10 to Yuma was on last night
-I'm almost done with my finals, my costume renderings look pretty great.
-When all is said and done I [might be] in London.
-I got a $500 award for being the TMA Outstanding Design and Technology Student.
-I got half of what I asked for for a grant I applied for to stay on in Europe.
-I got some extra money left over from scholarships for spring term.
-Mommy and Daddy are coming out to see me off.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I should probably update you all on my life. I don't want to go into too much detail, b/c it has been 2 months, so I'll just list it.

1. Blood Wedding struck last Saturday. It all went very well, we had great, sold out audiences and my costumes looked AMAZING.

2. I am doing Peter Pan next year, in the De Jong, co-designing with Janet, directed by Rodger. Basically all of my favorite things. All of you with children should plan on coming.

3. I fly to London on April 27th. I am very excited, but it hasn't really sunk in yet.

4. I'll stay in Europe until June 24th, two weeks after my program is done, to do some research in France, Switzerland, and Germany.

5. I've applied to be on the College of Fine Arts and Comm's stuco but they have yet to get back to me about interviews. The man that was supposed to be the council adviser was called to another post so things in that dept. have been in limbo.

6. I'm making three bridesmaids dresses for one wedding and a wedding dress for another, all before I go to London! Needless to say this keeps me rather busy.

7. I'm doing a photo shoot for my friend Haleh tomorrow. I will be an eighteenth century boy.

8. I'm getting ridiculously stoked for grad school in Boston. I'll start the application process probably over the summer just to get a head start on letters of intent and all. Cross your fingers!

9. I've decided that someday, maybe rather soon I'll run the Boston Marathon.

10. I've also decided to go running in Hyde Park everyday whilst in Londonium.

11. The weather is getting Spring-y which is rather nice.

12. I broke my friend over the weekend, I'm having fun playing nurse, but have decided to not be admitted to hospitals unless I'm having a baby or am very very old.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you remember when....?

I used to update all the time? About the two or three Bwood movies I'd seen that week? Those were the good days huh? Anyway, mom's been on my case to update more often and seeing as today was a holiday and I totally wasted it in the homework related area of my life, why not update and waste a little more time?

First, of course in the old tradition we must start with the Movies I've watched recently. I think I should capitalize all the Nouns like they do in German, wouldn't that be Fun?...

The International Cinema came out with their new Schedule for the Semester. Highly anticipated films include Downfall (2004 a/b Hitler), Slumdog Millionaire (come EARLY my friends) and my favorite favorite favorite (!) Swades!!!!!! Slumdog was inevitable, but I must say I'm surprised the Humanities Department (about which I'm becoming much more appreciative and interested) was able to get the Permission/Rights to show it edited so quickly. It won the Oscar only a Year ago (Oscars soon!!!!). Of course I'll go, and we'll see what all the Fuss is about. I have some idea that Om Shanti Om (which inspired all my Bwood Love) came to IC b/c of the Slumdog Fervor, but besides that, Slumdog has no Connection with my love of Hindi Cinema. Often people assume I've seen it when I mention my Passion for Bwood. Of course I have to correct them. I'm excited for Swades b/c I'll get to see SRK in all his Flannel Shirted goodness on the Big Screen. OH!! My Name is Khan comes out in less than a month (Feb 12)!!! Let's hope it comes to Salt Lake!

Um....My Semester, all two Weeks of it so far is going well and is very busy. I had thirteen Fittings last week for Blood Wedding. The Wedding Dress's mock up is done and the Moon is almost ready to come in. Crazy!!! My Designs are actually coming to life! I'm averaging about 8.30-5/6 days (entirely in the HFAC except for 3 hours) which will become much longer once I actually have to start making my projects for my grad courses and dress rehearsals start. Can you believe that in basically 6 weeks Blood Wedding will be up and running and out of my hands? After almost a year!!!

Speaking of, my grad courses are great. I love being w/ Mary and the grad students because it's great experience for when I go to grad school. Haleh and Jaynanne are writing their theses and getting ready for their comprehensive exams so I get to watch their processes and ask them about grad school. For Eastern Costume History we were each going to do a half scale model of a costume article from the Far East, Middle East and India, but now we're each assigned one region; of course I have India. Mary wants me to make a sari, make a sari? huh. I'll either dye it and stuff and make a choli to go along, or I might do extra b/c I've been meaning to make a palatia salwar kameez, and Anjali wants me to spear head the lengha cholis for her wedding way off when, so we'll see what I get done and if I end up killing myself over it. So far during class time we've gone off site and looked at Mary's antique kimonos. Oh how I miss the dusty musk of hundreds of antique clothing artifacts. So far in my Jewelry/Masks/Armor class we've had a glass bead making tutorial and we each got to make a bead. I had the lame, wimpy torch so it took me forever, but meh.

I want to research and publish at CSA (Costume Society of America) the summer after I graduate. I need to find a topic so I can research at the V&A when I go to London in spring. Being published and having presented at the national CSA convention would look great on my grad school apps.

I've basically decided on Boston University for grad school as of right now. It's in a thriving city, is in partnership w/ the professional Huntington Theatre, Boston has an opera and the fourth largest ballet in the nation which is one of the largest employers in Boston. Said ballet offers costume shop internships (unpaid) so I'm trying to figure out how to fit that into my life schedule. Deanne from the shop made sure to remind me that at that level and kind of performance the performers have no qualms about getting completely naked in front of anybody and everybody. I think I can handle it. I've been warned before. The Boston Lyric Opera has a wardrobe supervisor position open right now. Of course I can't take it, but it's encouraging because I have all the qualifications they're looking for. I don't want to be a wardrobe supervisor forever, but it's a pretty common, well paying job that somebody has to be good at. Let's not forget that I'd be going to church w/ all the BU/MIT/Harvard boys too!

Um...I don't want to write anymore, and if you even read this far you probably don't want to read any more so I'll give you a break.