Friday, September 16, 2011


Today was my last day at the Utah Shakespeare Festival's 50th Anniversary season! (It's the 50th, yay!). What's next? I move back to Provo tomorrow, which means I get to pack and clean AGAIN. There are two solutions to not having to pack all the time and not having cleaning checks-->1. Find an apartment and stay put for a long time. This most likely will not work that well because I want to be back here in about 8 months but need jobs before I come back here. No more staying in an apartment for a whole school year. Theatre gypsies don't get to stay put. 2. Go on tour, this way I don't even get to unpack and am in a new locale every other day so I don't even need to worry about having a place to live. USF has a tour that would keep me busy from January to May, then I could be here in Cedar through December if I stitched and dressed all of next seasons. What shall I do? I don't know.

For now I'm overhiring at BYU for a couple of weeks. I'm sending my resume to Oregon and San Diego and Salt Lake and whatever else comes up. If all else fails I think I'll move to Salt Lake and try and get a stitching or patterning job at a bridal place, or just a job.

So that's what I've been up to for all of you who have no idea what's happened to me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nightmare jobs

sous chef
semi truck driver
old timey pin maker
arctic fisherman
jail guard
highway worker

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recent convos

I'm staying with my sister Ashley who has three small children. Here are three conversations I've had recently.

Emily (7): Aunt Shelby, why don't you have any kids?
Ashley: Bc she doesn't have a husband.
Me: Bc I'm not married.
Emily: Why don't you have a husband?
Me: Bc I haven't found a guy to marry yet.
Tyler (5): You haven't found a guy that's cool enough?
Me: Yep.

At breakfast.
Tyler: When are you going to fix you hair?
Me: After my shower.
Tyler: You haven't showered yet?!
Me: No.
Tyler: Bc your hair is all...weird and mom has one of those things that makes your hair flat. Do you?
Me: Yes, but I don't use it very often.
Tyler: oh.

While looking at facebook photos of some guy friends.
Owen (3): Which one of those guys are you going to marry?
Me: None of them (sorry guys!)
Owen: Bc you hate them?
Me: Sure. (but not really)

Sometimes the final one word answer is the best to end an awkward conversation.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here is a list of talents and/or skills I wish I possessed.

-stunt driving (right now stick shifts and parallel parking are out of the question)
-eyebrow manipulation (I think this one is genetic...)
-doodling (my roommate Sarah says that doodling is free form so everyone possesses it as an ability, but I submit that I'm bad at it)
-grilling (because it's delicious)
-swimming (because I look great in a swimsuit)
-horse riding/tricks (because I want an excuse to make a riding habit)
-hair clippering (like shearing sheep in Australia. I want to be good at people and sheep)
-ballroom dancing (there has to be guy that's 6'5" and willing to teach me...?)
-furniture upholstering (fresh look to an old room!)
-photography (I can't get a job with horrible photography)
-oil painting (why not)
-paper cutting (instant fun!)
-standup comedy (I say I wish I possessed this talent, but I'm pretty sure I already do)
-hand stands (there's a lot of me to fall, but a lot of me to hand stand)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had a great time this past weekend in Provo. I drove up with Mel and drove back with Lando and in the in between I just hung out with all my great Provo friends. I got to see all my ward peeps at a stake activity and FINALLY watched Kung Fu Panda afterward on Saturday night. It having been Memorial Day weekend and all a lot of friends were out of town, so even though I said I'd stay down here until I'm done I might have to come back up in a bit...but I might also have to work half Saturdays until opening, so don't get TOO excited (although I will :)).

FHE on Monday was terrific. A guy in the ward has a ranch and so he took us on a pictograph hike and then we had a HUGE bonfire and made s'mores. I made new friends and ate some campfire treats and it was fun. Other than that, I was going to go to ultimate frisbee and Institute and organize a foursquare game this week, but I've been working nights and going to rehearsals.

Work this week has been very off and on. Monday was a fantastically on day. My sewing was excellent and fast and the day just sped by. Tuesday was terrible. Everything took forever and I had to hand stitch and redo and blah blah blah, just an off day. Yesterday was somewhere in the middle. Titania's cape is a GIANT eyelash fabric that we are covering with 4" strips of glitzy chiffons. I spent yesterday day and night cutting the strips to length. I have spent all morning doing the same. I will spend the afternoon and evening pinning them on.

Tomorrow is Friday, but I will work a half day on Saturday so big whoop. I'm hoping to do some driving on Saturday afternoon to find a pretty spot to paint.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

only wednesday

I'm pooped. We had 5 (or 6?) fittings today, ALL day. Our last fitting was Oberon's. I've said it before, but you might not remember that our Oberon is outrageously attractive. It's kind of strange to have someone that attractive, like movie star attractive around. It's also interesting how levelheaded everyone is about it. To us he's just another fitting, albeit a very pleasant fitting. I won't deny he put his arm around me when he was playing with his feather cape, or that I can't help but see his resemblance to Bradley Cooper when he smiles all charmingly at me in the mirror. Oh actors!

Lando and Mel got in today! Hooray! Because they're here, and both going back up this weekend I'm for sure going to Provo this weekend. Ashley thinks I'm copping out because I've only been here for 2 weeks, but that's a third of my time and the ward here is super bleak, and there are lots of people in P-town that would love to have me, so there. Truth be told I miss Provo rather desperately. Here I just try to find something on TV until ten so I don't feel like a loser going to bed before then. In Provo I'd have a four square game until midnight or some such thing to occupy my time.

My hair is getting rather long. It needs a trim to shock it into growing faster so I can cut it sooner. I won't pretend I don't like how feminine and pretty it is when it bothers to be, but I get terrible head aches by the end of everyday when I wear it up and wearing it down is not an option. I'm giving it until October when I will assess the donation situation.

Between Oberon's six pack and talking to a friend about getting in shape for the summer I think I'll try my hand at washboard abs, although this could just be another one of my 2 week projects, because who would really see them anyway?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch Break!

I gotta get back to prep for a fitting, but here's a list.

-I got hit in the face with a soccer ball last night. Check my facebook status for more details. I'll just say that I haven't had that completely numbing sensation in years, and now my nose isn't numb anymore, ouch. Luckily or unluckily I haven't gotten black eyes from it.

-Mel and Lando come to work tomorrow! And go back up to Provo this weekend. Maybe (wink) I will bum a ride.

-If you are my friend and live in Provo you'd better not go out of town for the holiday this weekend.

-USF does not give Memorial Day off.

-I'm excited to do my laundry tonight.

-My nose REALLY kind of hurts...

-Janet got back today! Yippee skippy!!!