Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 Reasons to Get a Boyfriend

1. having a picture of my boyfriend on my phone would be less worrisome than having a picture of Lexy’s hateface
2. boyfriends take out your trash
3. boyfriends are nice to look at
4. boyfriends make you eat regularly
5. boyfriends make sure you go outside
6. boyfriends smell good
7. boyfriends are nice to walk with
8. one is more apt to moisturize when hand holding is in order
9. boyfriends usually drive
10. it’s winter and I’m cold

Monday, December 13, 2010

Degrees of seperation

Ok, so I've had this figured out for awhile, but I'm six legit degrees of separation from Gandalf. So here we go...

I worked Brian Stokes Mitchell's wardrobe for his BYU concert who was in Frasier with
Kelsey Grammer who was in Cheers with
Ted Danson who is married to
Mary Steenburgen who was in Back to the Future III with
Christopher Lloyd who was in Back to the Future II with
Elijah Wood who was in Lord of the Rings with
Sir Ian Mclellan who is Gandalf.

Want me to do do Dumbledore? Ok.

I met Toby Stephens who is
Maggie Smith's son who was in Harry Potter with
Michael Gambon and/or Richard Harris.

That one was pretty short. I hope to expand my degrees as I work in the biz. Since I know Janet Swenson who worked on the Osmond Show with the likes of Bob Hope I'm two degrees away from lots of famous people, but that is kind of cheating. Not really, but I want more legit connections. I have other friends who've work w/ famous people, so try me!

Javier Bardem for Nadin

I've worked with Carl Wesson who worked hair and make up on Maverick with
James Garner who was in Space Cowboys with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in No Country for Old Men with

There you go.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love to entertain. I love to cook a lot of food and have friends over. This all started sophomore year after my big break up when I needed to actually meet people since I'd spent all of Fall semester pining. Since then I've had lots of fun dinners. I love to be in the kitchen and make lots of comfort food, which I'm good at. I also like wearing my frilly apron I got from work for Christmas last year. I've had chili nights, stew nights, and Navajo taco gatherings. I used to, but have stopped, have Baking Wednesdays. Lots of new recipes from that.

Tonight, following in the tradition we started last year, we had our Home Teacher appreciation dinner (plus boyfriends). Genevieve and I's HT Ben informed us that today is The Virgin of Guadalupe Day in Mexico so we enlisted the help of Mexican Nadin and made a full Mexican dinner. Nadin took us shopping and sent us the recipes, but we did all the cooking. Be proud. I spearheaded awesome beef tacos, we're talking Carne Desebrada Adobada. I don't know what that means, but it's basically slow cooked beef in Mexican delicious. I also made the rice and made Abuelita Mexican hot chocolate which is cinnamony and tasty. Genevieve made tostada fixings. Overall I'd say it was a resounding success. The one thing w/ entertaining is, and I'm sure moms would agree, you don't really eat much after all the work you put into it. I don't at least, I get too excited and end up talking all the time.

I think a German dinner might be in order...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A list

1. I am now a card carrying member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. Even though I always spell it theatRE I don't understand why the UNITED STATES Insitute etc. doesn't spell it theatER.
2. I've been missing my German class lately. This is interesting because it drove me nuts and made me feel inadequate and unable to communicate. This might be because I have two friends in the Spanish grad program that are really good at Spanish and this reminds me that Spanish is not as great as German.
3. We had our still photo shoot of Peter Pan today. The costumes and make up look amazing! The actor playing Hook is one of those rare men that look so gorgeous with eye liner.
4. If I could I'd watch every episode of Bones over the Holiday. As it is, I'll probably watch every episode of 30 Rock.
5. It's been observed by myself and others that this is the time of year when women spontaneously burst into tears. I kid you not, the more women I mention this to the more women confess to this being the case. A guy friend of mine even said he ran into this problem today.
6. Hallmark movies that only have one kiss at the end are bunk.
7. Anderson Cooper's hair has gone beautifully white. Remember how much I love Anderson Cooper? I do. Grey and white hair is super attractive. Cases in point: Richard Gere, Anderson Cooper, Greg Wise, Mark Harmon.
8. I'm watching something that looks like a Hindi soap opera but it's dubbed in Spanish. If it was in Hindi I might have a better chance of understanding it. As it is, I'm really confused because the sound and their mouths don't match, but they don't look Indian.
9. We have a Christmas decoration on our mantel that looks like Santa terrorizing a forest when you turn it backwards. Genevieve and I agree that this is cooler than the right side which is Santa, a snowman and a penguin in front of some evergreens.
10. Students protesting Parliament's vote to raise tuition fees attacked Prince Charles' car today. Seriously guys, get over it. Spoiled socialists.
11. Half Windsor knots for neck ties almost inevitably end up crooked. Please men, learn to tie it right, or tie a full Windsor.
12. I want to see The King's Speech way bad. I think I'll have Marth screen it for me.
13. I've had three meals a day for a week now. Congratulate me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


For those in the know a showmance is pretty self explanatory. For those not in the know, a "showmance" is a relationship started and carried out during the run of a theatrical presentation between cast or crew members of said show. Now, showmances I'm sure are beneficial to many an actor or techie that never interacts with anyone outside the theatre, and many a showmance has lead to marriage, but in my opinion showmances are perhaps the worst idea ever. Just look at Branjelina. Now I know the appeal of being with someone that understands your Brecht jokes and makes their own is almost too much to resist, but here are 5 good reasons why showmances are awful-->

1)Showmances are perpetrated in the dark backstage, or while in really pretty costumes, so how can you really tell what your showmance partner looks like?
2)Showmances are between actors and actors, or actors and techies or techies and techies. I have no problem with these groups being friends, but by the nature of these roles someone is always doing the dirty laundry and that's just awkward.
3)When everybody's stripping to their skivvies in the dark you'd better believe your showmance will have no privacy.
4)Shows, like band camps, eventually come to an end, and with the end comes all the glitter and dazzle of the showmance. Suddenly you don't have 5 scheduled hours a night to be together and you actually have to work at the relationship, fun over.
5)You're BOTH in showbiz! Worst idea ever.

So, you ask, what's a girl to do that spends 8 hours a day in a basement sewing, dressing strangers and working with all women to do? Stalk the Tanner and marry an MBA student.