Sunday, November 29, 2009

daniel craig, hugh jackman, gerard butler

I would make out with any of these guys in a second. Can you tell my type? haha. Anyway, that comes from an ongoing convo I've been having w/ a guy friend of mine, and I watched Wolverine and Quantum of Solace this weekend.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ready for boise

I'm SOOOO ready to go to Boise and eat Colette food and watch Bollywood and get away from school and some recent drama. Thanksgivings recently seem to be rather cathartic.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Water 3+ years later.

Little did I realize when I watched Krrish 7 months ago that it was in fact not the first Hindi movie I'd seen. I don't say Bollywood b/c Water, the movie I rewatched tonight after 3+ years at International Cinema is not Bollywood, but is still in Hindi.

Sarah and I had a mad summer attending many indie films at the Ross Theatre back home in Lincoln once upon a time. The summer was of 2006 and we experienced John Abraham and little Chuhiya together. We were blown away, by the themes, the story, the acting and of course, John Abraham.

Three years later I am still v. impressed, but like the movie for much different reasons. I will say that the acting is much shallower than I'd originally thought, but the story overall seemed a little rushed, or rather short for a Hindi film, so that might have had something to do with it. I could swear the announcer at IC said it was 170 minutes, which isn't far fetched for a Hindi film, but it ended after two hours!! I couldn't exactly remember what all happened, but all the sudden we're chasing Gandhi's train and it's over!!

Anyway, so yeah. Now that I've seen John in other things, I'm not a huge fan, mainly b/c he's too hairless and musclebound, but even though we had to believe in the "falling for a girl merely b/c she's beautiful and pious" schpiel, I still found him endearing, and loved his dhotis.

Meanwhile I'm pretty sure (I'm too lazy to imdb right now) that the music was done by the same guy who did Jodhaa Akbar and Slumdog. I don't remember what I thought of the music when I first watched Water but I sure liked it this time.

Before Water I watched 2 1/2 hours of Army of Shadows, in French about resistance in France during WWII. It was labeled War Noir or something. I wasn't blown away, but it wasn't bad, although those I watched it with labeled it as the worst movie they'd ever seen. They've never experienced Brazilian realism, or whatever wacked out Italian movie Genevieve and I watched last year.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Winter '10 Sched

BYU's started this new thing where we don't use add/drop cards anymore. It used to be you got an official piece of paper that you'd fill out and have your prof sign for upper level and special classes, or when a class was full but they let you add it anyway. This worked great for me b/c Janet could basically sign off on all of my classes then I'd just turn it in. Now we have to enter codes online after we email/talk to our teachers to get them. However, many teachers are having trouble actually getting their codes. They've also added this other deal that upper level classes, that could once be registered for online, now need 'departmental approval' which is basically emailing your teacher to get on the role, then actually being added once classes start.

All this being said I'm only signed up for one class for next Winter so far, World Religions, for which I'm STOKED. My other classes will include...

Advanced Costume Design
TMA 396 (Theory and Lit or something)
History of Eastern Costume
Jewelry and Armor
Blood Wedding

V. busy, but full of loveliness. If you didn't figure it out, that's all theatre classes but one, and Blood Wedding is a lot of work, but not actually a set time, although I will need to spend certain amounts of hours in the shop. This is the last year w/ our grad students, so even though I was planning on taking intermediate make up I'm foregoing it until next year to take the Costume History AND Jewelry/Armor class. The second block of the semester I'll also have a 1 credit London prep class, to prep me for London.

Exited, I think so.