Thursday, April 30, 2009

BW: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai unofficial bollywood club

So until Genevieve comes back from abandoning us to Mrrland, the Bollywood Guild (because we just want to be like the storytelling guild in Orem) will have to do w/ hanging out and watching SRK w/o her, sadlife.

Last night Becca, Seth, Ariel, Mike, my new roommate Lindsey, me and Susan went to Susan's to watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It was great, of course. Can you say Shah Rukh Kahn either crying his eyes out, being soulful or completely endearing for 3 hormone driven, emotionally rollercoastered hours? And can we discuss Kajol's amazing-ness? These Indian actors get mad props, and should be nominated for Oscars. I'm not poo-pooing their own Filmfare Awards, and heaven knows winning an Oscar doesn't mean you are the best, but I think more international recognition wouldn't hurt, as long as it doesn't change the genre.

So yeah, good spring term so far.

Shelby out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring term!

So I'm moved into my new place south of campus. Grossness however, the complex has wireless, but I don't think the wall jacks work anymore, so I'll be internet-less until I can get a wireless card for my PC. Also, I don't think they have workable landlines either, so if you want to call me you can pay me moneys for my phone. Gross! anyway, I'll try to get that all figured out.

My new place is super ghetto, but wonderful. South of campus is so much more lively. Last night I got together w/ kids from my old ward, and a friend from Freshman year and watched the first half of Pride and Prejudice. It was fun. I worked for 6 hours today. I'm only taking Advanced Sewing, but it doesn't start until Friday. Once it's up and running though it'll be 4 hours three times a week!!

So yeah, I'm trying to squeeze out all the internet time I can, but honestly, besides checking my mail, facebook and this, I don't do much on the internet. So yeah, um...if you want to contact me, send me an email and I'll try to check it as regularly as possible.

Shelby out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm taking all the blame.

So my room's a complete pit. It's mostly covered in the remnants of my costuming and draping finals. Lots of magazine pages and copies from costume books, and art supplies. Ug, it's a pit!

This finals week has been intersting because I sincerely think I could flat out fail my Isaiah final. I took my marriage prep final on Saturday because it's open, and murdered it. I just murdered that class. I have four scheduled finals (ps finals are/were last friday and saturday and today, tuesday and wednesday). I had my draping final today at 7 AM! I got back my drafting final I did last Monday. I got over a 100%! That's good because my muslin just wouldn't do what I wanted it to this morning, but that's user error. Tonight I had my Intermediate Costuming final that I totally murdered. I've been working on it for a while. I spent all of Saturday (except when I was on a double date! or at my friend's acting recital) painting my renderings. Between my finals and work today I finished all the paperwork and details and it all turned out great.

Except for a fun game of kick ball for FHE I've been studying for my theatre history and Isaiah finals all night. I'm a little worried about theatre history, but I've been doing ok in that class. I'm really worried about Isaiah because it was one of those classes that the teacher just kind of rambled about whatever, then later, after you didn't take notes because it didn't seem important at the time, you learned that he was actually teaching! So yeah, I get to memorize the ridiculously specific answers to the 12 essays I just finished outlining so I can right two of them, and take a 50 multiple choice test too!!!! It's tomorrow night! I have theatre in the morning, then I have to return costumes to the LDS Motion Picture Studio tomorrow afternoon! So yeah, I won't let myself go to sleep before 1 this morning and this is the only distraction I'm allowing myself. I think I can squeeze in maybe 7 hours of studying for Isaiah tomorrow.

Oh, then I still have my open New Testament final to take that I have a 100 question study guide to fill out tomorrow night I guess. And I get to get everything cleaned and moved by Thursday. Surprisingly I'm not too worried.

So yeah, that was really long, but I trust someone read it all, and you're not all Whitneys.

PS. Shah Rukh Kahn rules my world, but I'd never really want to meet him because he's only 5'8" and I measured recently, and I'm straight up 6'!
PPS. forget googling panda pictures, "shah rukh kahn dard-e disco"
Also, Ajab Si is probably one of the most beautiful songs ever
In conclusion, a guy friend of mine pointed out that w/ my skin and height I would make beautiful babies with a darker man, so if you're tall and dark, be it black or Indian, call me, I want cocoa/carmel babies!

Friday, April 17, 2009

update, that is all.

So we watched all of Om Shanti Om on Wednesday night again. Needless to say it's even more awesome than the first time. I can't get the music out of my head, so good! Turns out however, brace yourselves....Bollywood actors/resses have playback singers! Oh horrors of horrors. Why can't everyone be Hugh Jackman? or why can't they be Indian Hugh Jackmans? The triple threat is dying, and soon we'll only be left with Disney children and no one wants that. And even then, when the likes of Zach Efron drops musicals we're doomed. Basically the Indians need to step up so my soul ceases to be crushed and Bollywood needs to be more international.

I killed a final this morning. I have five left. I've been working throughout. Macbeth is almost off site at least. Go Dog is struck. Our summer project is organizing and storing all our hats.

Ashley James came to town, we went out to ice cream last night. Her bf Scott tagged along. It was great. I love living in UT where people always have excuses to visit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

BW: Bollywood here I come!

So I'm mildly obsessed with Bollywood now and after watching Om Shanti Om w/ Shah Ruhk Kahn I've decided to become well aversed in all thing Bollywood. It's a good thing then that I have three incredible Indian friends who humor me. Oh man, Bollywood, how do you be so catchy?

I had a great Easter. I looked cute and spring-timey. We had people over for dinner. We had ham of course, and creamcicle jell-o. We smashed Mexican eggs all over each other. I'm having a hard time focusing on school because it's so beautiful now that spring is here, but I'll manage. Finals start on Friday and go through the next Wednesday. I move into my new apartment on the 27th.

Shelby out.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I would just like to share with you the glory and amazing-ness that is Hrithik Roshan, also known as KRRISH. He's basically the perfect Indian/Bollywood man, except for his one flaw or rather two thumbs (on one hand). But other than that he's basically the epitome of perfection in manliness (minus the fact that he's only 5'10"). In the three hour Bollywood spectacular, Krrish, he sings, he dances, he makes (unbelievably green) puppydog eyes, he displays his obcenely hairless and sculpted biceps and pecs, it's such a good movie. And did I mention the SICK dance scenes? oh, and that Krrish has superpowers? I love Bollywood...

So yeah, that was a little xanga, but sometimes we regress..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My new assignment

Blood Wedding by Bodas de Sangre

Spanish, written in the 1930s, I think set at the turn of the century, but the staging is all up to the director, Roger Sorensen who's the head of the Theatre Dept! It goes up in March, so plan ahead! I'm pretty sure it's kinda dark, so don't bring the kids :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I want 150 Prismacolor markers for Christmas :)

Here are the final renderings for The Twelve Dancing Princesses that I turned in yesterday. Scanning them doesn't do them justice.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

On Friday night I went to stalk the make up crew for Macbeth because Allyn was working it and she's my costume bud and I was going to borrow her markers to render with, but she was sick! As was another girl, and others were not there either, so even though I have no make-up training I worked the show. Ai, the make-up supervisor for the show, was more than happy to let me help. I held stencils for tattoos and poured blood into Ai's hand for blood backstage, and I got to hold the paper towel against Matt's chest when he gets all bloody to be Banquo's ghost. It was fun. The show actually struck that night so I hung around and was a nuisance. I didn't wardrobe supervise for this show, my assistant did, but I helped out a little. The stage manager wouldn't give me any power tools to help me strike set :*(.On Saturday for the morning session the ward had brunch at Bro. Schultz's. For Sunday Becca and I stayed in the apt. My friend Anna, who is TVless came over for the day. I practiced my embroidery.

Shelby out.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daddy Long Legs

Genevieve, Pete, Seth and I went to the Orem Library's Tall Tale Contest tonight. It was an epic success. Things learned from this experience:

1: Orem is Provo's ditch.
2: I completely misused talking as a small child.
3: There is an entire Orem storytelling culture that I'm out of the loop with.
4: Said story-tellers like to laugh about how many kids they each have.
5: Cats only speak with Spanish accents.
6: Orem is full of housewives that love to tell stories.

All of this being said, Genevieve and I, along with trying out for Humor U, are going to enter this contest next year and only tell stories about BYU and our hometowns, using obscure references and laughing at things no one has ever heard of besides us. And we'll win.

On another note, here are some traced sketches of the homeworks I've been working on. I'm doing The Twelve Dancing Princesses for my fairy tale assignment and The Scarlet Pimpernel for my final musical assignment.

Shelby out.