Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Fun Good Good Times (that's Hebrew for Funner, Better Times)

Because I'm such a social butterfly, and you all absolutely die to know what's on my dance card...

Tubing with the ward at Soldier Hollow

7a. laundry and repairs for Millie
9.30a. babysit for Ashy
1.30-5p. Habitat for Humanity Build
6.30p. Millie with Ashy!
10.30 Strike Millie!
midnight: funtimes with the roomies

Aren't I so much fun? I had an off day, I just didn't want to think, but I got to take a package to shipping for the costume shop, so I know where that is now. I like being the wardrobe supervisor because I always have a job to do. Besides training dressers and doing laundry and repairs for running shows, I also send back costumes we've borrowed and check in, size and stock costumes that are returned to us. I'm also in charge of keeping our dressing rooms pretty free of superfluous costumes, which is hard right now because we're storing our USF pulls for Millie in the Margett's dressing room, along w/ Dancing at Lugnasa, which we didn't strike for some reason. I just got done restocking the extra male costumes I pulled for Millie, and the A-room (our onsight storage) was looking good, but then Pioneer Theatre Co (based out of the UofU) sent back 90 costumes they borrowed for their production of The Light in the Piazza. So I unpacked those, and need to restock them, and sent Pioneer their costumes we borrowed for Millie, but the A-room is still full of costumes that need to be put away!! Oh, and I have a rack offsight that needs to be stocked. I don't think I'll be stitching for awhile, but I love to be in the dark recesses of A-room w/ my iPod and a lot of pretty musty costumes, or pretty, musty costumes.

I really didn't want to think during pattern making, so my cowl neck is horrible, but I think cowl necks are horrible, so there it is.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Wonderful Winter

Today Deanne, our cutter draper, had me sew on a mock up! Mock ups are the muslin prototypes for final costumes. I just sewed together the collar/apron thing for our MesoAmerican MacBeth, but there were unlike curves involved and it freaked me out! It turned out fine, I think. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere. Someday I'll be a first hand or something, and maybe if we ever update our safety procedures and get our dye lab back I can learn to dye.

Colette came out this weekend to see Millie! It was so great to have her around! We went grocery shopping, and down to the Riverwood mall where we ate at Magleby's with her nephew (Ryan's brother's son) before we all went to the show. Afterwards we (just Colette and I) had a sleepover in her hotel room, ate chocolate covered pretzels and watched HGTV. It was such a fun weekend! Thanks for coming down Colette!

Millie looks amazing! Even after seeing it six times I still love it! I'm going this Saturday with Ashley, then we'll strike it and it will be out of my life forever! Then in March I'll get my assignment for next year :) I have some shows I'd like to do from the list for next season, but of course they are the ones that everyone wants to do, and there are seniors and graduate students that will probably get them.

I'm really loving being friendly and social. The ward's going tubing on Friday, then I have Millie on Saturday. My classes are going really well. Now that I don't have to be at Millie everynight I can do homework, or just lounge about. It's nice to only work my shifts at work and not be the first one in the shop and the last one to leave. It's just so wonderful to clock out and know I don't have to come back until the next day. I think my record for last week was going into the shop at 8 to work for two hours before class, then I worked my shift from 11 to 3, then I came back at four and worked Millie until the end of rehearsal at 11. Yes, that is 13 hours out of 24 in the basement of the HFAC, unless you count the De Jong as the 1 1/2 flour.

So, there's an update. Life is good. I'm really looking forward to the continuance of my living it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Millie's first dress rehersal was on Thursday night. We had one on Friday and this morning too. It all looks really great! In general shoes are falling apart and girls aren't hat pinning enough, but we'll get it all figured out and it'll be wonderful. I've had lots of fun comments about Mrs. Meers. The actress is crazy so her costumes look even more ridiculous. I have to go to rehersal on Tuesday night, then the show's on its own! I'm going to the Wednesday preview w/ my friend Sam, then the Saturday performance w/ Colette and her nephew, and finally the closing performance w/ Ashley, after which the set and all the costumes will be struck and you'd never know we ever had a show :)

I'm having an MLKJ Day Eve party tomorrow. Really I'm just having a lot of random people over and we'll play games etc because we don't have school the next day and I'm trying, and succeeding in being more social. Last Saturday we went dancing, tonight we're going ice skating w/ the ward, on Monday I'm going to my friend's friend's for a movie night. Isn't life fun?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Genevieve.

Right now I'm experiencing a moment of complete clarity. I hope it lasts, or that I can retrieve it if I lose it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


1: Go out w/ friends/boys at least one night a weekend.
2:Don't do homework on Friday or Saturday nights.
3:Get some guy friends.
4:Reconnect w/ friends that are't my roommates or from the costume shop.
5:Go to the temple at least one time a month.
6:Up my GPA for a second semester.
7:Have Fun!!
8:Get an A in Bro. Parker's New Testament class.
9:Get an A in my Writings of Isaiah class.
10:Get at least a B+ in my Pattern Making class
11:Stay in better touch w/ my family i.e. call half my siblings once every other week :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

I figured I should update you on my life.

My mono wasn't too bad. I got over it fairly quickly. Finals week went well, I raised my GPA. Christmas was good. Whitney and I crocheted and knitted, respectively. I like to be home and around friends and family, but as you can imagine some things had changed since I was last home so I was very very happy to get back to BYU and occupy myself. Now I'm trying to decide if I should stay Spring because Nebraska holds less and less for me now. If I stayed I'd take Advanced Sewing and keep working in the costume shop. It's a very attractive thought to me. Also, my Spring finals would be around Logan's birthday so mom and dad could maybe drop Bud off at the MTC and pick me up all at once.

Millie is fast approaching. I will be sewing a lot of trim onto Meers' costumes to make her horrible. Here is a picture I took at publicity photos.