Monday, October 26, 2009

Of horror flicks and commercial shoots.

So on Friday I went to Dark Water w/ Genevieve, her friend Ben and my friend John. fun was had by all. The movie was ridiculously scary in a very Japanese way. John and I were scared out of our minds. Genevieve and Ben stayed for Ringu, John and I got gelatto.

On Saturday!!! I wardrobe supervised a commercial shoot!! The commercial had Israelis and Palestinians and was shot at a run down mill south of Eureka. It was amazingly awesome!! This being my first time on a set I was nervous, but it was really the best possible first experience. Since there was fighting and guns and explosions involved the worse the costumes looked the better. All I did was give them their costumes (the director got everything together) and then rub professional dirt on their face and spray them w/ glycerin water (it doesn't evaportate so it looks like sweat). I drove down at 7 am and drove away at 7pm. I got home at 8 then struck the opera at 9. Fun times!!!

Halloween this Saturday. I'm going on a temple trip to Manti then making chili, then going to a scary Swedish vampire movie (Let the Right One In) with John. Friday night is a tri-ward ice skating/hockey activity. Hopefully I won't bash my head open like I did the last time.

I haven't watched a Hindi movie for over a month I think. Ug classes!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've updated fashionephemera w/ some of my recent projects.

Midterms!! Technically none of my classes really have midterms, but projects have piled up this week.

Genevieve and I still haven't watched New York. We're planning on watching it tonight, but I don't know if I can in good conscience w/ all the homework I have.

Genevieve and I went to Psycho at the International Cinema last Saturday. I'm in love w/ Norman Bates. He is so ridiculously attractive and endearing, it isn't fair. Needless to say I screamed my head off. Fun was had by all.

Friday night I'm going w/ some friends to IC to watch Japanese horror films Dark Water and Ringu. So scary!!!

The week before my birthday IC is showing Straight from the Heart w/ Salman, Ajay, and Aishwarya. I'm stoked and am planning a party.

Time to go to work!! Since the opera's running and we're super productive w/ Children of Eden there is very little to do.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Instead of being at work right now, I've been trying to do my homework, and it's done...for the most part.
Last night was the first dress rehearsal for Tales of Hoffman, our fall opera. I think in all it has around 60 cast members, which is unheard of. Last year Don Giovanni had maybe 30, as did Millie. Also last year, Don Giovanni's first dress went pretty badly. The performers were hard to train to be theatre people and the rehearsal started an hour late and went on forever. I didn't have high hopes for this year's opera and was gearing up for a long night. Said night started at 5 for me (I'd already worked 2 hours yesterday morning to get ready for it). The performers (I'd say actors, but they're not, they're vocal performers for the most part) were to arrive at 5.30, but most didn't get there until 6 or so. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the show started around 7.20, when 7 was our goal, not bad. The show ran smoothly, there were many many stops, but all in all no costume disasters. Even though the show is projected to run 2.5 hours, somehow it stretched until a quarter to midnight. Huh...
All in all the performers were pretty great and my dressers were fantastic. I can't really give an opinion on the opera in general b/c I didn't really watch it, and had no idea what was happening, but it sure looked great.
I got home a little after midnight and was in bed by one. I didn't do any homework yesterday and since I can't go over 20/week for work I opted out of working today so I could do my homework. Tonight I'll do makeup hours for the opera from 6-8, then I have a production meeting from 8-11. How excited!!
I'm most excited for the Hoffman potluck at work this Friday, with French food!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kurbis stealing

Our ward's month long activity is pumpkin stealing. Each apartment starts with a miniature pumpkin and whichever apartment has the most pumpkins at the end of the month gets Cafe Rio. No stealing pumpkins after curfew or when no one is home. Pumpkins must be in plain sight in the kitchen or living room. Once a pumpkin is out the door, it's yours, but can be stolen back once it's in your apartment.
Last week we nonchalantly stole our first pumpkin from the apartment that hosted FHE. I just reached up and grabbed it and was gone. We got two more from girls across from us when we went to borrow cinnamon.
Last night a giant boy named Clark came to deliver our friendship notes after ward prayer. He proceeded to throw the notes then jump for our four pumpkins that were on a very tall display on our entertainment center. He got one but I jumped him and he got totally startled. I saw fear in his eyes. We let him go when we were sure he didn't have any of our pumpkins.
Afterward Rachel, Stefani, and I went across the way to game night, during which Clark and his Rugby Roommate gang busted into the apartment while Genevieve was home alone and ended up getting one pumpkin. Genevieve called us immediately and we ran across the street to get our pumpkin back. Since we knew they'd be expecting retaliation we got our super sweetheart cool Home Teacher to knock on the door and distract them w/ Rugby talk while we hid around the corner.
This was accomplished and we bum rushed into the apartment. Long story short there was a may-lay of craziness and we got TWO pumpkins out of the giant Rugby Apartment. Seriously, these boys are HUGE!! Even though technically they were our pumpkins once they were out of the door they followed us across the street, seriously scary, and camped out on our stoop. I was going to get the 15 people across the way at game night to help us out, but Rachel took the pumpkins up to her friend's, then handed them to Genevieve through our window. The boys left dejected, telling us that it's not fair that we're girls and all that, and that they won't talk to Dusty for the rest of Oktober.
I have some nice bruises from said giant Rugby Players, but boy was it fun.

And then tonight after FHE, before our friend Sarah, who's in our FHE group got back to her apartment we rushed over to her apartment to bum rush whomever was home, but no one answered the door. Upon discovering that the door was open we let ourselves in to wait for Sarah, then planned to rush past her with her pumpkin. We giggled in the kitchen until Amy appeared from the back rooms b/c she'd heard us. We snatched the pumpkin and accidentally and viciously pinned her to her front door. After some cordialness she actually let us take the pumpkin. We're scared for Sarah's retaliation. We're always paranoid and have secret knocks and strategic pumpkin decoys and all that jazz.

What a fun month eh?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Genevieve's blog

Genevieve's newest entry is a nice update for me as well. I am Grandma in her entries.

Theatre I've Seen

I was just trying to figure out how much theatre I've seen in my life. I haven't included singing and dancing performances I've seen.

The Magic Flute
La Boheme

Southwest High School, Lincoln NE

The Diviners
Black Elk Speaks
My Fair Lady
Beauty and the Beast
Westside Story
A Piece of My Heart

Western Stage

Arsenic and Old Lace
Anything Goes

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
Little Women
A Midsummer's Night Dream
The Seagull
Houseboat Honeymoon
Don Giovanni
Dial M for Murder
Thoroughly Modern Millie**
Dancing at Lugnasa
Jungle Book
Various and Sundry Mask Clubs

This BYU season!!
Tales of Hoffman
Children of Eden
As You Like It
Blood Wedding*
Absent Friends

Other Companies

Death of a Salesman--Theatre Mitu
Sweeney Todd in Concert--The Castle

**associate designed

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I went to Theatre Mitu (a company from NYC)'s production of Death of a Salesman last night. It was a very good production. The performances were superb and the concept was great, but it couldn't help the fact that the play was Death of a Salesman. I just don't like that play. But it was good. I went w/ my friend Lando and it was great.

I filled out the passport app online this morning. I just need my birth certificate and photos. I'm excited. I was looking into going to Germany or Vienna whilst in the London area, but Vienna is 14 hours away by train. Granted I'd get to be in Vienna for a day, but I think Paris is a better option, only being 6 hours away. I would like to use my German though. I wonder if there's anything on the coast worth seeing, seeing as Berlin and Frankfurt and Hamburg are so inland.

I heard it snowed in NE today. That's fun. The weather's still nice and warm here, although the mornings are frigid so I carry my coat around all day.

I want to make coffee cake real bad.

I re-watched Luck By Chance on Thursday with Genevieve. Such a good movie. We have New York and need to watch it, but we haven't been in the mood for a downer, and I'm not a huge fan of John Abraham.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just some stuff

While walking home today I straight up saw some human hair on a tree branch like someone had gotten caught and yanked themselves away. I thought about CSI.

I can't spell "skillz" without a Z anymore.

I updated fashionephemera w/ my outfit from today. I felt cute.

I've been dying at work for the past three days. It sure is fun, but frustrating.

I made faces at a baby through a trashcan while eating my dinner in the Cu-gare-ee-uht today.

At first you'd think Nigel from So You Think You Can Dance? is the definition of a poser, but he's pretty straight legit.

On that note, there was a same sex ballroom couple on tonight. They were good and I was uncomfortable.

One of my roommates has a fever, I refuse to talk to her.

I wish I watched bones more often.

I'm considering working for a couple of years before grad school. It's highly recommended.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I talked with a friend once about how some people's lives seem so great because they only update their blog on good days. I think I must be the opposite and you must all think my life sucks.

I had a bad German day. I thought I had a good German weekend. I watched The Sissi Trilogie from the 50s auf Deutsch on Netflix. It was super cute w/ great costumes and was in German and it was great. Then I had a nice chat w/ Whitney and was all proud b/c my accent's getting better and I really studied the new material and did my worksheet on Saturday.

Well, I get to class today and realize I worked one worksheet ahead and I have no idea what the answers are. When they get to me of course I have the easiest sentence were I just have to conjugate sein=to be for past subjunctive and I totally just babbled something and got it totally wrong when that's like the easiest verb ever!! What a life! I've also noticed that not only can I not speak German, but I'm losing my ability to speak English.

On a good note, I stole a pumpkin from girls in our FHE group. It's a ward activity. Whoever steals the most pumpkins wins.

I dyed at work today. It was super fun and I learned something new.

Meanwhile there are only like three pictures of baby SRK online so I better cheer up!