Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here is a list of talents and/or skills I wish I possessed.

-stunt driving (right now stick shifts and parallel parking are out of the question)
-eyebrow manipulation (I think this one is genetic...)
-doodling (my roommate Sarah says that doodling is free form so everyone possesses it as an ability, but I submit that I'm bad at it)
-grilling (because it's delicious)
-swimming (because I look great in a swimsuit)
-horse riding/tricks (because I want an excuse to make a riding habit)
-hair clippering (like shearing sheep in Australia. I want to be good at people and sheep)
-ballroom dancing (there has to be guy that's 6'5" and willing to teach me...?)
-furniture upholstering (fresh look to an old room!)
-photography (I can't get a job with horrible photography)
-oil painting (why not)
-paper cutting (instant fun!)
-standup comedy (I say I wish I possessed this talent, but I'm pretty sure I already do)
-hand stands (there's a lot of me to fall, but a lot of me to hand stand)


Ashley said...

i love your list.
it reminded me that you can't swim and that made me laugh. i miss you. how are we so grown up?!!

Ransom said...

I think eyebrow manipulation has a stronger practice component than you give it credit for. There will be a learning curve, but I am confident that you can master it!

I also particularly approve of your dancing aspirations, and wish you the best of luck.

dolce vita said...

Ballroom dance YES. You'd be amazing in standard, with your height and body type (read, gorgeous), I could see the foxtrot or something being absolutely marvelous. Ooo! And you would be able to MAKE all your costumes!!!!! WIN WIN WIN.

So, erm, yes, ballroom dance. Mainly because you're awesome. Also, because of your height, taller guys would RUN to you. The height difference isn't as huge an issue in standard as it is in latin dancing; I dance with a guy who's 6'2"....Have you thought about trying out a beginner class at a studio or something? Once you progress there, they can help you find a partner. Or you could just dance with pros, I think Mayo Alanen comes down a couple times a year to...BYU I think. He's tall and amazing, I love him.

Seriously, DO IT. Not that I'm obsessed with dance...

Coleslaw said...

Hey... Photography is easy once you know the secrets and the basics (shutter speed, aperture, using a light meter) then everything else will come naturally! Then, riding a horse is mostly about timing and knowing how to saddle and bridle it. Not too much rocket science to it once you get used to it! :)